Opening Night Details

Growler Opening Night Details- Tues Aug 2nd

PARKING-   We encourage you to CARPOOL to Springdale.  Please get with your team members and neighbors to share a ride.  We are discouraging overflow parking within 150′ of open businesses in the Food Lion Parking lot. You can park behind Food Lion(50 spaces) and we can park at Catch the Fire Church and Little Pros Academy a couple blocks away.  Please refer to this map for recommended parking areas.

PF Changs and Lynnwood Grill will be catering our Opening Night and Championship night festivities.  Water will be provided all 4 nights fromWhole Foods and chips from Frito Lay.  We will be serving wine thanks to our new sponsor, Eagle Canyon and of course Kona brews and Bud Light.  The Hummers Band will be back again this year with a great playlist.  Thanks to all of our great sponsors this year.  Please refer to our website for a list  sponsors that will be supporting us throughout the event.

Safe Ride Home-   Please be smart this year.  For a nominal fee they will drive you and your car home safely.  They will be available all night.

Slushies and Gatorade-  Will be sold this year.   All proceeds go to the support the McKinion family whose son Harrison is undergoing a second round of chemo and spinal tap.   Please bring some extra cash to support them.  There are also a couple of other teams selling cookies, ice pops and other goodies to raise money for St Baldricks.

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS-  Admission is going up slightly this year.  It will be $15 for 21 +(Beer and food included), $10 18+ Food Only and $5 for kids under 18.  Cash, Checks, and CREDIT CARDS accepted.

St Baldrick’s-  We are over $15,800 already on our SB site.  Awesome job.  You’re team’s SB earnings will play a part of how you are ranked for the Final Night Championship seeding and the team that raises the most will still have their choice of seed.  Register or Donate today.

Trash-   Please pick up after yourself and others.  Trash bags are available for your team tent site.

Volunteers-  We need lots of help before, during, after each event.   Please go to our volunteer sign up site to see jobs available and Sign Up:

Swimming for Non-Springdale members-  If your child would like to swim, you will need to pay our normal $5 guest fee per person as you enter the Pool entrance.  No child under the age of ten (10) is permitted to enter the pool area without an adult or guardian present.  Please refer to the Springdale website or talk to one of our lifeguards for more information about pool rules.

Mulligan Serves for St Baldrick’s (1st night only)-  Mulligan tickets ($5 each)  Must Pre-Pay at Registration table (no cash at the court).  Must have someone posted at the Mulligan bucket during game.    Per each Side Out, the first mulligan is 1 ticket.  For any mulligans afterwards during that side out, it will progressively cost one additional ticket.  A Mulligan used for Game Point will be 1 additional  tickets.  Purchase of Mulligan’s do not count as part of your Teams SB earnings.

Beer Bracelets….  Will be required to receive food and beer.  Your captain will be responsible for getting you your beer bracelet  Those under 21 will receive a different bracelet which allows you to food and water.

Registration-  Only your Team Captain will need to check in at the Registration table to settle up payment and turn in waivers.  Your captain will have your team’s registration bags, beer bracelets, t shirts, mulligans, etc..    Captain’s please arrive earlier than the rest of your team.

Waivers-  Please download the waiver, sign it and give  to your captain prior to Opening Night.  You must  turn in a signed waiver to play.

Schedule-  Have your entire team at your court ready to play at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled match.   Warm up prior to your game time.  NO Warm up time is scheduled on the court.   Let’s stay ahead of schedule.    Every team has 3 games scheduled on Tuesday.  If you have a game on grass, you may want to bring shoes.

Rules-  Please read over all the rules.
Here are a few that always get questioned.
NETS:  Any net contact whatsoever is illegal and loses the point for the team who made contact with the net.  This is a safety issue.
LIFTS: (Carries)  Any OPEN HAND, underhanded hit is considered a lift/carry.  To avoid, either bring your arms together and “bump” or close your fist if you are hitting one handed.  If your hand is open, it will be considered a lift/carry.

Remember the “Spirit of the Growler” and have fun.  We do not want to get into arguing matches.  Any discussions of disputes should be made by CAPTAINS ONLY.  Please let the captains work out any discrepancies..  If a resolution cannot be reached quickly, replay the point.

If you are not on the email list, Please sign up at

See you at Springdale Beach Tuesday night, Be Safe, and Have Fun!

Mark Williams
Beam Reach LLC Event Marketing