2018 – Hunter Wise

Hunter’s St Baldricks Page

Hunter Wise in the words of Corrine Wise (mother)

Hunter Wise just turned 12 in October. He loves to play baseball, soccer, ride hisWise 2
skateboard and spent lots of hours playing with his friends.

Hunters first brain surgery was May 2015 to remove a tumor/cyst. He had
another brain surgery one week later due to complications. When he was
released from the hospital he had double vision, Diabetes Insipidus, an inability to
regulate his internal thermostat, headaches, nausea, and constant fatigue with
the least little bit of activity.

On his 10th birthday in October 2015, he had his 3rd and most invasive brain
surgery because the tumor had grown back. They removed a chunk of it, did a lot
of testing and said we’d keep an eye on it.

In July 2016, Hunter had another MRI and spinal tap because his symptoms were
getting worse and had a lot of back pain. They found another tumor in a different
place and said he would have to have another surgery and they would do a spinal

Hunter had his 4th brain surgery and another spinal tap on August 18, 2016. TheWise 1
tumor turned out to be cancer but they had to do another spinal tap.
The result came back on his spinal fluid and it is cancer, too. He has a rare
choriocarcinoma and a Germinoma.

He had to start 18 weeks of chemotherapy treatment September 14, 2016 and
then had to have radiation for six. He finished March 2017. We went to our three
month scans in October 2017, and the first original spot (which was gone) had
returned. At this time we are still doing three months scans and discussing what
our next options are.

We really appreciate the support we have within the community and all of you!

The Wise family