Opening Night- This Tuesday

Some Highlights—-

Volunteers-  We need lots of help before and during each event.  Please go to our sign up sheet:
You will find a tab for every night.. Please sign up for each night you can work..  Please share this info for others that may not play volleyball but willing to volunteer their time.
—- I’m also looking for a few Volunteer Coordinators that will take on a leadership role to make sure that stations are manned during the events..    Let me know if you are willing to step up.
Just Show Up–
    This Sat. morning at 9:30–  Set up tents, grass court nets, banners, rake out sand etc… Many hands make light work.  Hot Dogs and beer served at lunchtime.
     Bag Stuffing Party-  Monday 6:30 PM-  Pizza and beer served.
     Any Tuesday afternoon for the next 4 weeks-  You have my permission to play hooky from work.
The Schedule-   You can find the Schedule on the Growler website.
Please know when and where you  play.  Every team will have 3 games on Tuesday.  Be prepared to play as soon as the teams before you finish their match, even if they are running ahead of schedule.  One game will be on grass, so you may want to bring shoes.
A list of Teams have also been posted to the website.
Registration-  Only your Team Captain will need to check in at the Registration table.  They will get all of your team’s registration bags.
St Baldrick’s-  If your team doesn’t have a team set up on the St Baldrick’s site, please set one up..  The team that raises the most money will get their pick on ANY Seed on the final Night Championship.   The team will also receive a Brewery tour TBD.
We are off to a good start.  There are currently 8 teams signed up with over $1000 of donations.
Mulligan’s for St Baldrick’s (1st night only)-  Bring some extra money with you on Opening Night.  You can buy Mulligan tickets ($5 each) for your Serve. You can also use sex webcam free.  There will be a collection jar taped to each court’s net/pole.  Your allowed to take as many mulligans on your serve as you are willing to pay for to get the ball in play.   Game Point Mulligans will be 2 tickets or $10.  You can use tickets or cash.
Our Sponsors-  We have most of our sponsors back from last year, plus 8 new ones.  We have a total of 32 corporate sponsors.  They are the key to making the Growler a huge success.   Please take the time to thank and patronize these businesses.
Beer Bracelets….  Will be required to receive food and beer.  Your captain will be responsible for getting you your beer bracelet at the beginning of each night.  Those under 21 will receive a green St Baldricks bracelet which allows you to food and water.
The Bud Light Draft caddie will be onsite serving Bud, Bud Light, Kona Longboard Lager, Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale, Kona Wailua Summer Ale.   And what is a trip to Springdale Beach without some Malibu Rum drinks.
Pernod-Ricard distributor (Malibu) is supplying us with bartenders to serve drinks..  Please drink responsibly.
Food for Opening Night-  PF Changs and Lynnwood Grill will be catering our Opening Night and Championship night festivities.
We have a great food lineup for Weeks 2 and 3.  Those nights will be sponsored by:  Carolina Ale House, Leesville Tap Room, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Casa Carbone, Gonza Taco Y Tequila.
Chips and Salsa will be provided all 4 nights from Frito Lay.
Water will be provided all 4 nights from Whole Foods.
INVITE YOUR FRIENDS-  Admission tickets will be $10 for adults (beer and food included) and $6 for those under 21 (bottled water and food included).
I look forward to seeing everyone out at Springdale Beach this Tuesday and for another exciting Growler year.

How to participate in Raising Money for Charity

I’ve had a few questions on how to participate with our goal of helping the children.

First here is our event.  Toward the bottom of the page you will see teams and participants.  Usually its best to click on show all teams and find the team you would like to support.  If you team is not on there, you will want to start the team or talk to your team captain to see if they want to start the team.  Once your team is listed, click on the team name and you can either click the “Join Us”  button which will make you a participate on that team or you can donate to that team directly.  If you are unsure on if you are doing it correct, I suggest doing a sample 5 dollar amount to make sure everything does what you think it would.  Then go back and give more.  Thanks.

28 Teams to Play in 2013

Pre-Registration is Closed..

We’ll have 28 teams this year!  Springdale and Lake Park will have one additional team from last year.
This year we will have A New Team made up of our SPONSORS

2013 TEAMS
Captain Club # of players Team
1 Jay Cupstid Springdale Mizfits
2 Jason Greico Springdale Volleywood
3 Jay Daft Springdale Set on the Beach
4 John Marks Springdale Sand Diggers
5 Shawn Mabe Springdale I’d Hit That
6 Phil Apostolico Springdale S.A.N.D.
7 Beth and Bruce Farell Springdale Dirt Devils
8 Haleigh McCollum Springdale Good Bumps, Nice Sets
9 AP Blake Springdale Get It Up
10 Ray Gonzalez Springdale Crabs on Crack
11 Matt Vaughan Springdale Notorious D.I.G.
12 Greg Klofenstine Lakepark Tir-Na-Nog
13 John Allen Lakepark Will Play for Sets
14 Ken Muller Lakepark Bumpin’ Uglies
15 Dave Radcliffe Lakepark Casual Sets
16 Lawerence Lee Lakepark Air Vectors
17 Jim Perotti Lakepark Go Bump in the Night
18 Vinnie Smith Seven Oaks
19 Mattney Beck Crabtree
20 Phil Rahn Crabtree
21 Ron Burt Crabtree
22 Joe Cockerham Greystone Swampmasters
23 Greg Wait Greystone Gator Done!
24 Andrew Patterson Greystone Gator Spikedown
25 Christiana Culligan Greystone Sand Gators
26 Jim White North Raleigh Six Pack Attack
27 Steve Hamilton North Raleigh The Strikers
28 Glyn Jones Team Sponsors

Check out This Year’s T shirt design

2013 T shirt Design

Buy your 5th seed on playoff night

One of the goals each year is to raise more money then the previous year. In order to come close to achieving that goal, this year we will be implementing a new wrinkle. This year the team that raises the most money (must be before final night so brackets can be finalized) has the option to elect to take 5th seed in the playoffs thus having a first round bye and only having to play 4 games to win. If they would have been the 25th seed team and they raised the most on the website, they will be the 5th seeded team and everyone else will be pushed down one spot.  Also, if the team that raised the most money finishes in the top 4 seeds they have the option to take any seed 1 – 4.

First Night Mulligans

Opening night only: Have your team bring a couple of 5 dollar bills each as you will be able to purchase mulligans (a do-over) on your serves only.   We will have containers attached to the poles on each court. If your serve goes out or doesn’t make it in the net, quickly put a 5 dollar bill in the container and serve again. 5 dollars washes away your serving mistakes. If you want to arrange with other team in advance and just drop a 20 into the jar and prepay for four serving mistakes great.  No refunds and only for that games’ mistakes. Speed is still of the essence but we want your money for St Baldric’s.

Rob’s Blog 8/23- Volleywood Wins the Growler

Congratulations Volleywood and thank you for bringing the trophy home to Springdale!  Tuesday night was everything I thought it would be and more.  (I laughed I cried I hit on your wives.)  I can’t wait for July 30th 2013.  Mark your calendars!


There were a lot of surprises.  Last year’s winner went out in the first round and the SARC-Sand Diggers lost their first game blowing my prediction of a Sand Diggers/ Volleywood match up.  Mike Robbins decision to sit himself for the first game will probably haunt him until next year.


Volleywood looked fantastic and went undefeated going in to the final game.  There was then a 47 minute break and some incoherent rambling by Mark Williams where Mark won a wine tasting for 20 people in the raffle.  (And who is more deserving then me; one of Mark’s twenty closest friends)  It then came time for the final game.  You could cut the tension with a wiffle ball bat.  The sobriety of the Volleywood team was evident and has always been their secret weapon.  It started off close but in the end it took very little effort to overcome the Lake Park team and bring the trophy home.


Here are your 2012 Growler Champions:


Team captain Jason Greico sacrificed a lot.  He alienated friends, pilfered players from other teams, ignored his family, and finally called Glyn Jones and asked him not to show for the final night.  Heartless?  Yes!  But damn-it he’s a winner.


Rob Rauth; the first three time Growler champion.  Rob dyed his hair in order to look like the host from The Hunger Games but surprised everyone when he had his head shaved and it turned out he colored his scalp purple as well.


Gary Caiola; $30 for 4 nights of food, drinking, volleyball, a free hair cut and 2 tee shirts?  Try keeping Gary away.


Pete Borgia; he cleans himself less often then I clean the top of my refrigerator.


Steve and Heather Barna; I find it harder and harder to say anything negative about this wholesome, friendly, happy-go-lucky couple.  They seem out of place with the rag tag team.  Heather is straight out of Stepford Wives movie and Steve seems like you would more likely find him working security at Walt Disney World; The happiest place on Earth, then apprehending criminals in Durham’s underbelly. (There I did it)


“Tom (last name?)”  Seriously that’s how Jason listed Tom’s name on the team registration form.  He spotted a 6’5” guy with and American flag dew rag, colored safety goggles and an artificial knee and thought “I got to have him who cares who he is.” That’s how his name is going to be listed in the archives.


Glyn Jones; I was joking when I said Jason called Glyn and asked him not to play. (I am not joking when I say he would totally do that though)  Glyn was a valuable member of this team even though they were able to win the championship game by a 15 point margin without him.


Finally, a lot has been said about all that Mark Williams has done to make Volleyball at Springdale so popular but little has been said about Jeff Vance; The father of Springdale volleyball.  Way back when in yee olden times; back when Hootie was still with the Blowfish it was by all accounts Jeff’s idea to install the first court and with the help of others like The Henderson’s, The McCollum’s , and The Johnson’s installed the first court.  In fact it was Jeff’s idea to install the net pole at a 70 degree angle to “give it some character” and Springdale certainly has a lot of character and characters.  Jeff did not play this year because he injured his shoulder base jumping or riding a bull or something of that nature but I am sure he will back out at The Growler next year and we will always leave the gate open for him on Thursday nights.


Some of the proceeds from this year’s Growler are going to go to purchase hooks for the back of the bathroom doors so that large, good looking, drunken men with clefts in their chin (that are somewhat difficult to shave) don’t accidentally kick the rocks used to prop open the doors and break their toes.


It was a great ride.  Thank you to Mark Williams and all the volunteers, sponsors and Springdale staff and a special thanks to Yvette Caiola for wearing that dress Tuesday night.  It was certainly appreciated!

Growler Wrap Up

Outstanding night !!!

Congratulations Springdale Volleywood- 2012 Growler Champions
Great effort by LKP- Will Play for Sets in the final game and
both LKP- Bumping Uglies and NR- The Strikers for pulling upsets to get into the Final Four.

Results from last night have been posted on

Incredible Generosity for St Baldrick’s..  We’re currently over $10,000 in online donations, over $600 in checks for St. Baldricks and over $2000 raised by the raffle, food and t-shirt sales…   It will take me a few weeks to settle up on my expenses, but we should be somewhere around $13,000 in total earnings for St. Baldricks..  More than tripling last years donation.  Thanks to all our sponsors for making our event successful.

A special thanks to Ted Dwyer from Lynnwood Grill who kicked in $1000 yesterday.

Thanks also to everyone that went online and reached out to family and friends to raise money.  Here are their current totals.

Name                    Team Name      Amount Raised online Money Onsite   Total Team Total
Gregg Klofenstine   LPK Cue Balls          $2,443                            $20                 $2,463         $2,968
John Allen                LPK Cue Balls            $370                              $20                 $390
Kenneth Muller        LPK Cue Balls          $105                                                      $105
Chip Hopkins           Seven Oaks           $2,340                               $50                 $2,390          $2,390
Gary Caiola             Volleywood             $1,291                               $35                 $1,326           $2,651
Jason Grieco           Volleywood              $905                                                         $905
Robert R.                 Volleywood             $415                               $100                   $515
Hunter Reese           Greystone              $140                                $70                   $210
Caroline M.                                                $119                                $66                   $185
Griffin Krise                                                 $45                               $45

Championship Night Details

Here’s more info on our Championship tomorrow night….

PF Changs and Lynnwood Grill will be catering for our final night. Yum!  Sunset Slush will be on hand selling slushies.

St Baldricks – We’re currently over $6100 with online donations and should be over $8000 total including onsite donations.   Teams Seven Oaks, LKP Cue Balls, and SARC Volleywood are all over $1600 each and within $400 of each other.. It’ll be a close race.
Donate today

…and bring a printed receipt of your donation to redeem for Raffle Tickets.

Lots of great prizes for the Raffle and fund raising incentives-  Private Wine tasting for 20 at Total Wine, Brewery Tour and food from Natty Greenes for 18, Dining Gift Certificates from PF Changs, Carolina Ale House, Lynnwood Grill, Sparians, and Golden Corral…  Lot’s more!!
Tickets will be $5 each OR 5 for $20….  We will be selling them Tues night and Checks to St Baldricks will be accepted.
….OR if you bring a printed donation receipt from the St Baldricks website for the Growler, we’ll exchange it for raffle tickets.  (Individual contributors Must be present to participate)
We Can take More Prizes from anywhere... Let me know if you can contribute to the the Raffle.

Shavees—  If you are planning to shave, please let me know or go on the St Baldrick’s site to sign up as a shavee participant (participant agreement required).  We need to schedule time with our barbers.. Shaving will start at 7 PM and I would like to have the planned head shavings done by 9PM
Schedule a time to shave..  I’ve schedule the ones that have signed up around your game times, but feel free to change it if that time don’t work for you.

Thanks to Great Clips at Pinecrest Point (next door) for donating their time to shave heads.

Volunteers-  We need people to volunteer to work Tuesday night selling tickets, collecting money for food, etc..  Please let me know

or sign up if you (or your spouse) can put in some time—-

Playing…..Seedings and Schedule – Make sure you know when you are scheduled to play

Invite your Friends to join us…

See you at Springdale Beach.  Games start at 5:30.  There is a possibility of rain in the forecast, but we’ll monitor it closely…  Most likely we’ll play rain or shine.

Preparing for the FINAL Night

Here it is..  Seedings and Schedule for Next Tuesday Night’s Championship Finally!

There are several rematches from earlier games and some new interesting match ups..  This is how the chips fell.  The format and schedule was presented weeks ago, so sorry if you don’t like where you landed, your bracket, courts, or time you start.
You have no idea how complex this was to figure out..  20 out of 25 teams were in tie break situations with most determined by 2nd Tie Break- Point Differential of all games played.  Fortunately my programming skills allowed me to write a script to quickly calculate these pairings… (By the way, that was a plug for my Automated Office Apps business…  Since after next week, I’ll be looking to pick up some new projects for paid work.  Check or connect with me LinkedIn to learn more about how I can benefit your business.)
St Baldricks-  I’m so proud of how the fund raising is taking off.  We’re now up to $4400 in individual fund raising campaigns..  Chip Hopkins ($1,360) and  Gregg Klofenstine ($1,050) are blowing it out…   Start your campaign today….    or Support someone today with a Donation….  You will earn tickets for the raffle for money you donate now.
Raffle-    Tickets will be $5 each OR 5 for $20….  We will be selling them next Tues night and Checks to St Baldricks will be accepted.
….OR if you bring a printed receipt confirmation from the St Baldricks website of your donation to someone from the Growler, we’ll exchange it for raffle tickets.  (Individual contributors Must be present to participate)
We could still use more Raffle prizes.  Let me know if you can help..

Invite your Friends Next Tuesday night…  Our Donations for food have been outstanding this year and will boost the final check that we can write to St. Baldricks.
I also have some shirts to sell.   Each of these things will go to the bottom line for St Baldricks Donations.

Volunteers..  We will need lots of help next Tuesday.. Please sign up to help Tues afternoon and evening.  We can use player and non-player volunteers.

See you at Springdale Beach next Tuesday.  Games start at 5:30.