2017- 10th Annual Growler Beach Volleyball Tournament


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10th Annual Growler-  Aug 1st – Aug 22nd, 2017

  Our $65,000 Goal in 2017 for St Baldrick’s Foundation will Push us Over a Quarter Million Dollars in Total Donations Raised by Growler.



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The 2016 Grower exceeded $64,000  for Children’s Cancer Research with over $50,000   in individual donations and $12,500   from the event’s profit.    The Growler has topped $185,000 the past 6 years!  


Harrison family


 Teams Raleigh Brawl and Sand Diggers supports Harrison McKinion, who is battling cancer.   Together they’re contributing to their numerous medical bills and have raised over $6,600 for St Baldrick’s in honor of Harrison.


 Jeff Chaffin raises over $10,000 in his individual fund raising campaign.  There was a great incentive to shave his beard.



Support St Baldricks with a small donation on the St. Baldricks/ Growler Site or for your Favorite Team.



Please read Melissa’s Post on How Much To Give…   http://growlervolleyball.com/?p=1316





Congratulations Lake Park’s, Pass It Around
2016 Growler Champions

                                                    Pass It Around


32 Teams from 7 North Raleigh Swim Clubs Compete for the Coveted Growler Cup.

North Raleigh’s Largest Sporting Social Event of the Summer 

Check out the YouTube Video from a the 2014 Championship Night.


2017 Schedule-  Tuesday Nights- Aug 1st – 22nd, 2016


Tues Aug 1st- Opening Night – Springdale-  PF Changs, Lynnwood Grill, Gonza Taco Y Tequila, Kona/Bud Light
Tues Aug 8th- Round Robin play at 3 host clubs- SPONSOR Tournament Night at Springdale
Tues Aug 15th- Round Robin play at 3 host clubs- CRAFT BREW Night at Springdale
Tues Aug 22nd- Championship & St Baldrick’s Rock the Bald head shavings- Springdale


Admissions for Non-Players  (Proceeds go to St Baldrick’s- please note the price change this year)

$5 – Kids -13 & under (Food Only Bracelet)
$10 –  14 to 20 year olds (Food Only Bracelet)
$15 – 21 & over (Beer and Food Bracelet)
No Coolers Allowed

Recommended Parking  >>  Growler Parking 

We are expanding our  “Sponsor Tournament” on week 2 of the Growler, Aug 8th.   Plan to join us for this One Night Event to celebrate our sponsors as they have their staffs out to compete for the Growler Sponsor Cup.  Contact John Rhodes (HomeInNC@hotmail.com) for more information on the “Sponsor Tournament”

Craft Brew Night on Week 3- Aug 15th.   For you Homebrewers out there,  to brew a batch to share and show off.  We’ll pay for your expenses.  Contact Mark Williams with more details


GROWLeadERship Team-   If you would like to be more involved in 2017, please email markw.f18@gmail.com.  We still need more people that will take ownership roles in managing parts of the Growler.  We could use twice as many as we have now.    A Big thanks to everyone on this page >>  http://growlervolleyball.com/contact-us/

2016 Schedule Recap-

Opening Night  Tuesday Aug 2nd

All 32 Teams to complete at Springdale Area Recreation Club on 6 volleyball courts

……Opening Night Band Featuring –   THE HUMMERS
……PF Changs and Lynnwood Grill to cater
……Kona Brewing will be on tap at the Bud Light Caddy
……Admission Adults-  $15 (w/ beer bracelet), $10 (w/o bracelet)  and $5 Kids
……Recommended Parking Map >>> Growler Parking (updated 2016)

Nights 2 & 3 – Tuesday Aug 9th &  Tuesday Aug 16th

Teams to be split up to play at Lake Park, Greystone, and Springdale Clubs.

……Each Site will host with Food and Beverage.
……Admission Adults(SARC)-  $15 (w/ beer bracelet), $10 (w/o bracelet)  and $5 Kids
……Sponsor Restaurants include:


 Restaurant logos 2016

Championship Night & St Baldrick’s Shaving Event- Tuesday Aug 23rd-

All 32 Teams to compete at Springdale Area Recreation Club in a Single Elimination Final Championship

……PF Changs and Lynnwood Grill to cater
……Kona Brewing will be on tap at the Bud Light Caddy
……St. Baldrick’s Head Shaving and Raffle
……Admission – Adults-  $15 (w/ beer bracelet), $10 (w/o bracelet)  and $5 Kids
Recommended Parking Map >>> Growler Parking (updated 2016)


Please share your Growler Photos on Facebook    Thank you Stew, Michael and Erin for sharing some great memories.




Hosted by:

Springdale Area Recreation Club
9001 Leesville Rd, Raleigh NC


Additional Parking During our events is available at:
Little Pros Academy a couple blocks away
9301 Leesville Road

Recommended Parking  >>  Growler Parking (updated 2016)