2022 Schedule and Standings

Expanded with 36 teams

2022 Growler Schedule (36 teams) 



Congrats Springdale’s Volleywood


Download >>>  2021 Growler Championship Bracket Finalized




Player Waiver Form –  2021 Growler release_and_waiver


2021 Growler Beach Volleyball Tournament Schedule


Night 1 All Teams at Springdale- Play Within Your Bracket. Teams play a round robin with 3 teams in their same Bracket

Night 2 Play Adjoining Bracket- Bracket VS Bracket- Both are in the same Division. Each team Plays the other 4 teams in the adjoining bracket in the same Row. (divisions split up at 3 host sites)

Night 3 Vertical Brackets (Cross section of Divisions) Each team Plays the 3 teams within their column plus one team from the adjacent column. (games split up at 3 host sites)

Night 4 Single Elimination Tournament- Seedings based on standings, strength of schedule, and SB fundraising (At Springdale)