Countdown to Growler

We are less than 2 months from Growler…

and off to a good start on the St Baldrick’s website.  We have 30 teams registered and over $1600 in donations.  Go ahead and start your fundraising campaigns now.  Feel free to recruit family and friends to help you raise money.  Recruit as many as you want on your St Baldrick’s Team page.  Don’t forget about corporate match contributions.  Get registered and join a SB team today.

We’ve been working hard to secure sponsors for this year.  Our deadline isJuly 9th to release sponsor logos for the t-shirt and banner graphic designers.  So we have one month to finalize sponsorships.  The Cash sponsors you secure will count towards your team’s earnings.
We are still in search of a WINE Sponsor and can always use more Restaurants.   There is more information on the website about sponsorships.   If you help us get our foot in the door, let Bill Speri or myself know if you have questions or help.

NEW TEAM-  Who will it be?  We have one open slot for a new team to join the Growler family.  If you’ve heard someone in the past mention that they want to enter a team, then now is their opportunity.  We will accept bids from other clubs outside the 7 we have.  The Selection process is posted on  I’ll be out of town next weekend, so I’m postponing the Selection deadline and meeting to Tuesday June14th. 7PM SARC pavilion.  You may also be interested in So that is just a little over One Week from now for New Teams to determine their pledge and enter their Sealed Bid.   More information >

We will have a NEW Craft Brew Night on Week 3–  For you Homebrewers out there, you have 2 months to brew a batch to share and show off.

T-shirt- Help me decide-  I’m working with Progressive Graphics for a new creative design this year.   I think you’ll like it.  This year, we’re going for a Surfer style Beach shirt and will be going back to the 100% cotton Beefy Tee fabric.  It will be a Rad bold design and on beachy color shirts.     There are 5 shirt colors I’m considering.  Please take this pole to help me narrow the choices to 3.  Rank the 5 colors from 1 to 5 with #1 being your favorite.
PICK A COLOR Poll  >>>

Dates to remember
June 14th Tues. 7PM– New Team Selection Meeting
July 9th–  Deadline to turn in Sponsor logos
July 9th–  Deadline for Team Registration/ Shirt Order forms
July 30th–  Saturday Set Up and Kick Off party
Aug 1st-  Monday 7 PM-  Captains Meeting and Bag Stuffing

Aug 2ndTuesday  OPENING NIGHT OF GROWLER with the Hummers Band
Aug 9thTuesday  Sponsor Tournament (at SARC)
Aug 16thTuesday  Craft Brew Night (for Home brewers and Local Breweries)
Aug 23rdTuesday  Championship Night and SB Head Shaving

Aug 27th–  Saturday–  Breakdown Sat with Pizza and beer.
TBD-  Appreciation Party for Sponsors, Winning Teams, MVP Volunteers, and Individuals that raised over $250,.

See ya on the Beach,
Mark Williams
Beam Reach Event Marketing LLC


2016 Growler News and Important Dates

OPEN NEW TEAM SLOT –  The sponsor team from past years will not be a part of the 4 week schedule this year.  However, We are expanding our  “Sponsor Tournament” on week 2 of the Growler, Aug 9th.   We feel that a One Night Event to celebrate our sponsors will be more feasible for them to promote as a company outing for their staff.   This will create an OPEN team slot and an opportunity to expand teams from one of our clubs or bring a NEW Club into our tournament.  Spread the NEWS.
Existing Growler Team Pre-Registration– June 4th Deadline-  Captain’s confirm team to Mark W and Create Team Site on St. Baldrick’s Site.
  Failing to meet this deadline will open your slot up for New Teams.
NEW TEAMS–  Good Faith Bids must be submitted up until Sunday June 12th-   For more details on the New Team Selection Process > 2016 Growler Registration Guidelines(tentative)
Make your Donations NOW.  If you can receive corporate match contributions, it normally takes several months for employers to process charitable matching funds.  Register yourself on the St Baldricks site now to make a donation to increase the chance that your match will be made by August.   You can join your St. Baldrick’s team page at a later date if it hasn’t been set up yet.
Team Registration/ T-shirt Order– July 9th

Growler Sat. Set Up and Kick Off Party–  Sat July 30th.

Captain’s Meeting, Registration and Bag Stuffing-  Monday Aug 1st
Growler Opening Night–  Tues Aug 2nd
(same 4 week format- All Tues nights Aug 2nd -23rd)

Congrat’s Springdale’s Volleywood- 2015 Growler Champions!

Congrat’s Springdale’s Volleywood- 2015 Growler Champions!


They beat Lake Park’s Air Vectors in the Semi- finals, then barely got past Springdale’s newest team, $et for Life, in the final matchup that went 23-21.  InGrowler tradition, the championship winners each win a Growler filled with their favorite Lynnwood Brewing Concern beer.
$et for Life, “The next generation young studs of Springdale”,  had a tough road to bet the past two year’s Growler Champions Seven Oak’s Kiss My Ace and N. Raleigh’s Six Pack Attack, only to be matched up against the now 3 time Growler Champion Volleywood in the finals.
St Baldricks– It was a big night with over $6,500 brought in through admissions, SB donations and raffle.  Let’s keep the momentum going.  We are currently over $38 K on the SB site.  Our projected Profits should produce a check for at least $10 K to St Baldrick’s, so we will far exceed $50,000 this year.   Thank you for to everyone that contributed this year.
GROWLeadERship Team-  These guys have been a tremendous relief for me this year.   A Big thanks to everyone on this page >>  If you would like to take on a larger role next year, please email me.  We still need more people that will take ownership in managing parts of the Growler.  We could use twice as many as we have now.
I also want to thank all our Volunteers, especially those that were out every Growler to help before, during and after the events.
Please share your Growler Photos on Facebook  Thank you Stew and Erin for sharing some great memories.
Mark Williams

2015 Growler Schedule is OUT

The 32 team field is set.  Congratulations to Dan Schaefer and the SARC- Set for Life team for earning the last slot in the Growler this year.  They came in with a strong pledge of $1700.
The SCHEDULE IS OUT-  I’ve slotted all 32 teams and set up the schedule.
I’ve tried to mix up the brackets so you’re matched up against some different teams than you had last year.  However since you’re set up in Divisions, you’ll also see many of the same teams that remained in your division.  Each of the 4 divisions should be very competitive and I expect some close games.
Please double check to see if there are any errors. (Example: 2 games at the same time or 3 back to back games, incorrect # of games, etc..)  You should have a total of 11 games (3 games on night 1, and 4 games on nights 2 and 3).
Volunteer-  The Growler takes enormous effort and man hours.  This year, there is a minimum expectation that every team will help out.  Cristine Allison and Casey Rainey are our Volunteer Coordinators  and will manage our our volunteer duties and resources.  They’ve created an easy way for you to sign up.    We can use help from players, family and friends.   First opportunity will be Set Up Sat. July 25th
Please contact them if you have questions.
Volunteer Coordinator Leads Cristine Allison
Casey Rainey

Spectacular opening night

Spectacular opening night.   Great night for volleyball…..except for the 4PM monsoon we had dumping a foot of rain within 20 minutes just after we had everything set up.   I want to thank all the volunteers that helped me all afternoon and for pitching in with a second effort to clean up and re-set up after the rain.  It was an incredible transformation to get several inches of water off our our basketball courts, vball courts and beer garden.
 I know it was a challenge to play in the wet conditions but everyone had the Growler spirit which I so appreciate.  Also shout outs to PF Changs, Lynnwood Grill, the Hummers, i2 Installation Included, Kona Brewing and our bartenders from PF Changs, Leesville Tap Room, and Sharky’s Place who donated their time and resources for our event.   Also special thanks to the folks that helped out at admissions, registration, clean up and other areas during the night.
St Baldrick’s-  We raised over $3000 in admissions and t shirts sales and close to $1000 in mulligans.  We are currently over $8300 on our St Baldrick’s site.  I’m so proud of everyone for your efforts here.  I’ve heard some really creative ways that individuals are soliciting donations..  Great Job.
Scores and Standings-  Check the website to get Wed night’s results
Scores were very close and we had some very competitive games.. Thanks for your patients since  games were running behind schedule.   Don’t take to standing too serious.  It’s just one night and lots can change the next 2 weeks.
Mark Williams

Rob’s Blog- 7/25/14

Rob’s Blog….

It was August 2008 and I had left my 3 young children and adoring wife to attend something called The Growler that was the idea of one of Springdale’s little regarded member’s Mark Williams and one of his few friends.  I remember thinking at the time that I would go and play a couple of games and maybe have a beer and then go straight home from the event which I was sure would be lame.  At the time I was doing some volunteer work for the McCain/Palin ticket and I was really looking forward to listening to all the wisdom that Sarah Palin was going to be able to impart upon the American people over the next 8 years and I was appreciative that I would never have to hear the name Hillary Clinton again.

Obviously I am not very good at predicting the future. (I’ve put entire companies out of business by investing in them) but who could have known how big The Growler would become?  I believe that it would be easy to argue that The Growler is the single greatest thing to happen to Raleigh if not the world since 2008.  It’s almost as if Mark Williams is trying to overcompensate for something.   For those who have never played in the Growler before hold on to your freakin hats and get ready for 4 weeks of inebriated volleyball mediocrity.  The Growler has done more to sell Advil and kill office production on Wednesdays than any other event in Raleigh history.   This year will be the biggest ever with 32 teams, 7 clubs, 2 bands and who know how many kegs.  I realize that most people attend to see me with my shirt off and find out whether “clean cut” or “street person” Gary Caiola will show up but those other things should make for a fun event as well.  It’s the only 4 days of the that your kids have to watch you compete.

An event of this magnitude does not occur without the help of many people.  As with most events a few people do the work for the masses.  If you have time and even if you don’t have time perhaps you could help with the event:

Sat. 7/26 Starts at 9 AM – until the work is done….at Springdale.   We have lots to do: tents, lights, set up nets and boundary lines, rake sand, build stage, backstop nets, get water, put up banners, etc.  Lunch, water and beer will be provided.
Player Bag Stuffing- Monday 7/28  7:30 at Springdale-   beer and water provided (sorry no pizza this year)
Game Day Set Up-  Wed 7/30– Come out any time after 1 PM.- Sign up
You can sign up here:

In advance I would like to thank all those who make my Tuesday evenings in August as unmemorable as possible and for God’s sake bring The Growler Trophy back to Springdale where it belongs!


Rob Caulfield “Master of none”

Growler Registration, St Baldricks and NEXT YEAR teams

2014 Team Registration-  Deadline for captains to submit Team Registration Forms is July 11th.  You can tweak your rosters up until the opening night, but this will guarantee your shirt order.  The registration form can be found at >>>   

 It must be emailed to me as an attachment in an MS Excel format.
Please tell your captain what shirt color and size you want.   Registration is $40 per player..(includes shirt, 4 nights of food and beer).  Pay your captain.  The captain will be responsible for sending me ONE check from the team.  (OR I’m working on an online payment form..  more info to come on that)
Shirt Choices this year:
Black- Full cut-  100% Cotton
Charcoal Heather Grey- Athletic trim cut-  ring spun blend (you may want to order a size up)
Kelly Heather Green- Athletic trim cut-  ring spun blend (you may want to order a size up)
Go to our Facebook Page (Please Like the Growler Page) to see shirt design:
St Baldrick’s Foundation–  Each Captain must also Create a Team on our St. Baldrick’s site >>    Please hound your captain if they don’t..   I encourage each of you to register a personal campaign under your team site.   Total Team and Individual earnings will reward you with prizes and final night seedings.  Please check your employer’s benefits policies to to see if they will match your donations.
NEXT YEAR TEAMS–  This year’s team earnings may also determine your eligibility to play next year.   We are capped out at 32 TEAMS..  We WILL NOT go over 32 TEAMS next year.    The problem is that I will have more requests from new club members(of all clubs) to enter a team every year..  Since this is a benefit for St Baldrick’s, you will need to PAY to PLAY..  OR DO SOME WORK to earn donations or acquire sponsors.  I don’t know what those rules will be yet for next year.  But if your team doesn’t make an effort this year, you may find yourself spectating next year.  The Growler “INVITATIONAL” Beach Volleyball Tournament will take on a new meaning.
Sponsors-  We’ve done a tremendous job picking up new sponsors this year, however we would still like to pick up a few more Restaurants.
Oxendine Price and Assoc, PLLC ($1500 cash sponsor)
Campbell Orthodontics  ($1500 cash sponsor)
Chick-fil-A Townridge Square (200 sandwiches)
Sharky’s Place (Burgers and appetizers)
Red Robin (Burgers)
Relish Cafe and Bar (Appetizers- gift certificates)
The Hummers (Opening Night Band)
Vintage Hwy (Championship night Band)
Triangle Gutters (Bobcat services)
Natty Greene’s (Brew tour for winners)
Mosquito Joe’s (bug spray and cash donation)
Check out  for all our Sponsors.
Mark Williams
Growler Tournament Director

NEW for 2014

Plans are underway for an even larger Growler format this year.  We will cap out with a 32 team format without giving up the number of games each team plays.   32 teams allows an even 8 flights of  4 teams each.   The schedule will be similar to years past.  One interesting twist with the seedings, is that we will schedule the top 8 teams to be in 2 of the flights.  This means that they will play a round robin of each other in a more competitive bracket.   The other 24 teams will play no more than 2 of their 11 games against the A bracket.  There will be incentives for the A team Bracket.   They will be guaranteed a top 9 seeding the final night and they will not have to play on grass the first night.

The opening night will be moved to WEDNESDAY this year, due to scheduling conflicts with the TSA swim team schedule and school start dates.  The other 3 nights will be Tuesday nights as usual.

We hope to top our earnings of $20,000 for St. Baldrick’s this year.  Start soliciting donations.  Also check with your employer to see if they will match contributions.  Our 2014 St Baldricks site will be up soon.

Start forming your teams now and get out on the volleyball courts.

Look forward to another great GROWLER.

Mark Williams
Growler Tournament Director

How Much To Give- A post from Melissa Markham

I used to sit in front of a mirrors for 30 minutes, sometimes an hour fixing my hair. I loved it. I would spend hundreds of dollars a year cutting it, straightening it, and coloring it.

Since telling people that I would be shaving my head to raise money for childhood cancer research I have been called brave. Ha! After sitting in the pediatric cancer clinic week after week, watching a clinic full of kids get chemo, and being on the 5th floor for weeks at the time, and sitting in the recovery room waiting for my child to wake up from anesthesia every day for 27 treatments of radiation at UNC-Hospitals I have had the pleasure of meetiing brave and courageous people, and hair ain’t got noting to do with it. It’s all heart.

So I ask you today to have a heart for all these little warriors. If the action of me shaving my head inspires you in any way, please reach in your wallet or purse and make a donation this organization.

If you don’t know how much to donate, how about $27.00 for the 27 radiation my little warrior received. Or how about $55.00 for the 55 weeks of chemo, blood, and platelets. Or how about $100 for the 100 nights we had to spend in or around the hospital getting the chemo. I donated $182 to represent all these figures.

Please share this post in an effort to raise money for a worthy cause. Hair grows back, Kids don’t.

Melissa Markham 


Opening Night- This Tuesday

Some Highlights—-

Volunteers-  We need lots of help before and during each event.  Please go to our sign up sheet:
You will find a tab for every night.. Please sign up for each night you can work..  Please share this info for others that may not play volleyball but willing to volunteer their time.
—- I’m also looking for a few Volunteer Coordinators that will take on a leadership role to make sure that stations are manned during the events..    Let me know if you are willing to step up.
Just Show Up–
    This Sat. morning at 9:30–  Set up tents, grass court nets, banners, rake out sand etc… Many hands make light work.  Hot Dogs and beer served at lunchtime.
     Bag Stuffing Party-  Monday 6:30 PM-  Pizza and beer served.
     Any Tuesday afternoon for the next 4 weeks-  You have my permission to play hooky from work.
The Schedule-   You can find the Schedule on the Growler website.
Please know when and where you  play.  Every team will have 3 games on Tuesday.  Be prepared to play as soon as the teams before you finish their match, even if they are running ahead of schedule.  One game will be on grass, so you may want to bring shoes.
A list of Teams have also been posted to the website.
Registration-  Only your Team Captain will need to check in at the Registration table.  They will get all of your team’s registration bags.
St Baldrick’s-  If your team doesn’t have a team set up on the St Baldrick’s site, please set one up..  The team that raises the most money will get their pick on ANY Seed on the final Night Championship.   The team will also receive a Brewery tour TBD.
We are off to a good start.  There are currently 8 teams signed up with over $1000 of donations.
Mulligan’s for St Baldrick’s (1st night only)-  Bring some extra money with you on Opening Night.  You can buy Mulligan tickets ($5 each) for your Serve. You can also use sex webcam free.  There will be a collection jar taped to each court’s net/pole.  Your allowed to take as many mulligans on your serve as you are willing to pay for to get the ball in play.   Game Point Mulligans will be 2 tickets or $10.  You can use tickets or cash.
Our Sponsors-  We have most of our sponsors back from last year, plus 8 new ones.  We have a total of 32 corporate sponsors.  They are the key to making the Growler a huge success.   Please take the time to thank and patronize these businesses.
Beer Bracelets….  Will be required to receive food and beer.  Your captain will be responsible for getting you your beer bracelet at the beginning of each night.  Those under 21 will receive a green St Baldricks bracelet which allows you to food and water.
The Bud Light Draft caddie will be onsite serving Bud, Bud Light, Kona Longboard Lager, Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale, Kona Wailua Summer Ale.   And what is a trip to Springdale Beach without some Malibu Rum drinks.
Pernod-Ricard distributor (Malibu) is supplying us with bartenders to serve drinks..  Please drink responsibly.
Food for Opening Night-  PF Changs and Lynnwood Grill will be catering our Opening Night and Championship night festivities.
We have a great food lineup for Weeks 2 and 3.  Those nights will be sponsored by:  Carolina Ale House, Leesville Tap Room, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Casa Carbone, Gonza Taco Y Tequila.
Chips and Salsa will be provided all 4 nights from Frito Lay.
Water will be provided all 4 nights from Whole Foods.
INVITE YOUR FRIENDS-  Admission tickets will be $10 for adults (beer and food included) and $6 for those under 21 (bottled water and food included).
I look forward to seeing everyone out at Springdale Beach this Tuesday and for another exciting Growler year.