2017 – Sawyer Powell

Sawyer Powell

Sawyer was just 4 years old vacationing in Myrtle Beach when he went under in the ocean, came up, swallowed some water. He gagged a bit and got the water out.  A few days later he got sick again.  Three weeks passed, he lost 7 lbs was very lethargic and had neck pain. After 5 visits to the pediatrician and to the ER 3 times, it was discovered that he had a brain tumor.  

He has had four surgeries, three rounds of radiation, immunotherapy treatment, and hyperbaric oxygen treatment. He is currently in Atlanta undergoing radiation and a clinical trial treatment.  We are selling slushies and Gatorade to support his family. Raleigh Brawl, Sand Diggers, PepsiCo and Growler have been supporting them each night and will provide them funds to help support their numerous medical expenses.