2017 – In Memory of Sawyer Welch Sharp


Diagnosed with brain cancer on Jan 20, 2011. just a week  before his 7th birthday.

Just 4 days after being diagnosed, he had an 8 hour brain surgery.  Spent his 7th birthday and many months in the hospital.  By February he was having radiation and chemo.  

Sawyer loved trains, the Titanic and the beach. He loved ALL holidays, especially Halloween. We had his costume already picked out in 2012, it was going to be his first year being something scary! But he died on October 14th that year with his costume still hanging on his bedroom door, unworn, where it still hangs today. He wanted to be a train engineer when he grew up, but he didn’t get that chance because he died when he was just 8 years old after battling brain cancer for 21 months.