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Opening Night is less than 2 weeks away!

A few Points of Interest as we all start to get prepared... You have 7 days to adjust your Team Rosters and assure the added player can get their shirt preference added to their player bags.  You can add players until July 30th but we can't … [Finish Reading...]

Information for Growler 2024

Growler Crew, Some key points of Information for Growler 2024 and some "action items" for everyone to care for.  Online Registration continues with about 15 participants "missing": EVERY player must … [Finish Reading...]

Swamp Setters once again raising $$ for St Baldrick’s at Bottle Rev 3 next Thursday (7/13)

Growler team Swamp Setters once again raising $$ for St Baldrick's at Bottle Rev 3 next Thursday (7/13)!  This was a ton of fun last year! All are welcome... invite your friends! Official Flier below... Address for Bottle Rev: 7713 Lead … [Finish Reading...]

Growler 2023 kick off letter!

Growler Crew, As we are just over a month away from the start of Growler 2023 I just wanted to shoot out a note on a few topics of interest.  This is a long one but hopefully worth your time. The general idea for Growler 2023 is to once again … [Finish Reading...]