Lastest Posts on the Growler

The plan derived by the GROWLeadERship team to create 4 new teams for the 2022 Growler. 

The decision to expand from 32 teams to 36 was the direct result of feedback from the various participating pools about the desire to include more people in the event.  The below approach was discussed multiple times among the leadership team and … [Finish Reading...]

Hello Growler Sponsors!

The GROWLeadERship team just wanted to reach out to our previous sponsors to start the conversation about Growler 2022. We once again wanted to issue a HUGE Thank you for your past year's assistance. Looking back at 2021 we feel fortunate that … [Finish Reading...]

Growler 2022 kick off letter!

Can't wait to get back at it in 2022 as we continue to support St Baldricks and the fight against Childhood Cancer. Just to close out 2021... we set a record with $130,261 raised. We are the 2nd largest SB event in NC and 12th largest event in … [Finish Reading...]

Championship Night Details

It All Comes Down to Tuesday night's Championship Finale.   This night will be special. We have already exceeded last year's St Baldrick's fund raising efforts with over $50K on the SB site and at least $16K in event profits ($66K total). … [Finish Reading...]