Swamp Setters once again raising $$ for St Baldrick’s at Bottle Rev 3 next Thursday (7/13)

Growler team Swamp Setters once again raising $$ for St Baldrick’s at Bottle Rev 3 next Thursday (7/13)!  This was a ton of fun last year!

All are welcome… invite your friends!

Official Flier below…

Address for Bottle Rev: 7713 Lead Mine Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615

Please come on out and enjoy more Growler related fun!.

See you at the bar!

Growler 2023 kick off letter!

Growler Crew,

As we are just over a month away from the start of Growler 2023 I just wanted to shoot out a note on a few topics of interest.  This is a long one but hopefully worth your time.

The general idea for Growler 2023 is to once again “run it back”.  Another theme we are trying to exemplify is “we heard you” and lastly a renewed focus on “why are we doing this”.

With that in mind here we go

Run it Back:

  1. Same teams and same number of teams (36).  Same format. First 4 on Monday. Tourney GPI calculation is unchanged.  There will be moderate movement of teams among divisions to maintain as much parity as possible and reward the “up and coming” teams.
  2. Registration cost stays the same plus a minor Processing Fee I’ll explain below ($83 Total).
  3. All beer vendors back.  Most food vendors are back (sourcing some new ones).
  4. GrowlHer is expanded (more games) and back at Lake Park Aug 12th
  5. Sr Growler is expanded and moving to Greystone Aug 19th
  6. Jr Growler will have an instruction phase in the morning and then a Competitive division (with more teams) in the afternoon to crown a Jr Growler Champion (at Springdale).
  7. Volunteer tracking will be back for all Main Growler and satellite events and the plan is to have those roles available for selection as of July 10th.
  8. The team minimum for fundraising is unchanged at $1500 each.

We Heard you:

  1. More seltzer… White Claw will be the seltzer sponsor for ALL Growler Events
  2. Light Beer… we will have Miller Lite available at SARC (at least) every week.
  3. We plan to set up and staff a Player’s pavilion to aid in providing each player a means of getting food, beer, Gatorade (Thanks Pepsi!), player bags (w/bands) etc away from where the masses congregate.  Details are still being ironed out, but we are committed to making this work.  GFL is poised to help us with this.
  4. We are moving registration payments to “per individual” as opposed to “per team captain” and the payment will be performed online (thus the processing fee).  We will also be able to complete the Waivers online.  Mark will still send the roster to the captains this afternoon to fill out and set your squads and complimentary T-shirt order (* Please send your captain your size and color shirt that you want by next Thursday June 29th.  Colors are green, blue and gray.  Go to GrowlerVolleyball.com to see actual colors).  NOTE: We are not allowing for the purchase of Mulligan’s or extra T-shirts via registration this year (you can purchase these “on site” as needed).
  5. With rising materials costs we did have to increase Growler Gear $5 per item this year, however, we are eating any credit card “fees” that we had in the past and waiving any increased cost associated with larger shirts etc.  AKA One flat fee for all items.
  6. The Growleadership Team has partnered with the Lake Park Volleyball Board to make some physical improvements to the courts at Lake Park.  It’s been a great partnership which will provide expanded playing area around the Upper court, better drainage, and increased lighting throughout the property.  Special Thanks to Jacobs Construction (David) and GreenTech (Scott) for donating their labor, goods, and expertise to help make this happen.

Why are we doing this?:

  1. The Growler Shirts this year focus on the Growler Kids that we have sponsored each year in addition to what we raised for St Baldrick’s.  The names of all 13 form the volleyball on the front of our T-shirts.
  2. We are doing some more Media this year involving the Growler kids and will be providing that to you for your own knowledge and also to possibly use in your fundraising pleas.
  3. As we are set to pass $1 Million raised this year, the CEO of St Baldrick’s will be in attendance on the last night.
  4. Please go to St Baldricks and set up your individual page… All team pages are in place that you can associate yourself to.  I’ll be tracking how many pages compared to participants again this year.  I really would love for everyone to have a page and attempt some degree of fundraising.  It isn’t that hard and since we’ve never accomplished this truth before… if we do it then there’s no way we don’t set another donation record in 2023 J.  $175K is a big number to beat.  We need EVERYONE to help! https://www.stbaldricks.org/events/mypage/6792/2023 Click Join Us, select your team, and complete set up.

Thanks in advance for all that you all do to make the Growler a success each year.  Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions and I can promise we’ll do what we can to make this the best event possible.  More words as we get closer, but in the meantime get ready… IT’S COMING!

Bill Speri
Growler Tournament Director

The “GrowlHer”, the women’s ONLY spinoff of the Growler!

We are excited to announce the “GrowlHer”, the women’s ONLY spinoff of the Growler!


The GrowlHer will be held on 13Aug from 3 -7 pm at Lake Park Swim Club. Women aged 21 years or older, who are pool/volleyball members at one of the participating Growler swim clubs OR women who have previously played in the Growler are eligible to participate in the GrowlHer.

We will be playing with the same rules as the Growler (with the exception that all participants are females). Basic rules are described below, but please also read the Growler rules: Growler Rules (growlervolleyball.com)

  • Consolation tournament
    • There will be an overall champion and a consolation winner
  • 3 games guaranteed per team
  • 5v5, games to 25
  • Can have as many team members on a team that you want

Registration for each player is $25; this player fee covers the volleyball registration fee, a GrowlHer t-shirt, and a wristband for beverages.

Team captains must register by 30Jun2022 by completing this formhttps://forms.gle/qbWdWnqWM2oDYPPg8.

Once you are awarded a team, Captains must send in player registration form, waivers, and total team fees by 10Jul2022. The total team registration fee should be submitted by Captains to Allison Kroeger via Venmo with GrowlHer as the subject line (@Allison-KROEGER-2).

Spectators are welcome! Please plan to come out and watch! Music will be playing throughout the event. Wristbands will be for sale for $5; additional GrowlHer and Growler t-shirts will also be sold for $15.

All donations will go to St Baldrick’s fight against childhood cancer.

NOTE: The Arepa Culture food truck will be at Lake Park with meals available for purchase separately.  Please come support this business as they support our fight against childhood cancer!  Neighbors are welcome 🙂

The plan derived by the GROWLeadERship team to create 4 new teams for the 2022 Growler. 

The decision to expand from 32 teams to 36 was the direct result of feedback from the various participating pools about the desire to include more people in the event.  The below approach was discussed multiple times among the leadership team and was considered the best approach that provided the most benefit given the time and space limitations that we do face.  If anyone has any questions or concerns please contact Bill Speri (wmsperi@gmail.com)… otherwise, here we go 🙂

  • The Growler will be adding 4 more teams in 2022
  • The 4 teams will be created via the following means:
    • 1 For each of the “Host Pools” (Springdale, Lake Park, and Greystone)
    • 1 From either..
      • one of the other area pools involved in the event (the desired result 🙂 ) OR a New Swim Club OR
      • the 2nd highest bidder from SARC, Lake Park, or Greystone if that bid exceeds the top bid from the non-Host pools.
  • Minimum Bid/Donation to secure a team is $1500 – The deadline will be June 1st to submit your “bids”.  By the end of that day each of the selected Teams will need to create their St Baldrick’s Page and have the $1500 donated on the page.
  • Greystone and Lake Park will run their separate process (however they set fit) to define their teams.
  • SARC will run the Springdale team creation and facilitate the selection of the “fourth” team.  At SARC…Scott Carboni (scot.carboni@gmail.com) will be the recipient of the “blind bids”.  Any potential new team Captain from anywhere but Lake Park and Greystone should send an email to Scott with their team name and “blind bid” amount.  On June 1st at 8am, Scott will inform the GROWLeadERship team who earned the SARC bid and who the Next top bid is for the potential 4th spot.  That bid will then be compared with the information from Lake Park and Greystone (top 2 bid amounts) to award the 4th team.
    • Example Scenarios to help color in the picture:
      • If the top 2 overall bids are from Harrington Grove, then Harrington Grove would get one new team. The other 3 would come from SARC, Lake Park, and Greystone.
      • If the 4th highest bidder comes from SARC, then SARC would get 2 new teams.
      • If the 4th highest bid is from Lake Park, then Lake Park would get 2 new teams.
      • If one of the top 4 bids is from Seven Oaks, then Seven Oaks would get 1 new team and the other 3 would come from SARC, Lake Park, and Greystone.
  • As stated before…
    • In Year 1 the members of the new teams need to be comprised 100% of members from the bid winning pool.  After Year 1, the new teams will function just like the “original 32” in terms of team composition.
    • The 4 new teams are slated to join the C and D divisions in Year 1 unless it clear from conversation with the Captain of the new teams that a different designation is warranted.  “Neutral party” Mark Williams will care for that determination.
    • The expectation is for the 4 new teams to “raise” $1500 just like all of the pre-existing teams (beyond the initial Bid made on June 1st).  Bid amount is only required to obtain the team in Year 1.

Please forward this email to anyone you feel might be interested in forming a new team… assuming they are not already on the Growler distro.  Again, we are looking forward to expanding our footprint and getting more people involved in both the Volleyball event but also expanding the number of people involved in raising money for St Baldrick’s.

Thanks in advance for your attention to this long and detail oriented email 🙂

Bill Speri
Growler Tournament Director

Hello Growler Sponsors!

The GROWLeadERship team just wanted to reach out to our previous sponsors to start
the conversation about Growler 2022. We once again wanted to issue a HUGE Thank you
for your past year’s assistance.

Looking back at 2021 we feel fortunate that the pandemic took a minor pause during the 4
weeks of the Growler, and that we were able to proceed as we have in years past. We
were able to set a record and raise over $130,000 for St Baldricks. That is truly an amazing
feat given the challenges of 2021 and as always we could not have done it without you!!
With that reality in mind we can’t to continue that momentum and build on our past
accomplishments to help find a cure for Childhood Cancer

We are reaching out now to see if you are interested in sponsoring the Growler in 2022.
The immediate “ask”  is simple… please let us know if you would be interested in
supporting the Growler this year or if you are unable to do so (no worries if that is the

Please reply with your feedback to wmsperi@gmail.com by May 15th and if you know what
level you would like commit to (BUMP, SET, SPIKE, etc that would be great). NOTE: We
are formalizing the T-shirt and Admission benefits that go along with Sponsorship level to
reduce the confusion and make sure you all receive this addition token of our

o Bump Sponsors will receive 1 T-shirt and 4 admission bands
o Set Sponsors will receive – 2 T-shirts and 8 admission bands
o Spike Sponsors will receive – 4 T-shirts and 16 admission bands
o Partners should see Bill Speri for whatever you need 🙂

These items will be available for pick up at the Sponsor tent at SARC on all 4 weeks.

We are asking this year that ALL Sponsorship donations be made directly to the Growler’s
St Baldrick website if at all possible in order to reduce the admin delay in handling checks
etc… those donation can be made here:

Thank you once again for your past and future support! We look forward to your response
and working with you in 2022.

See you on the BEACH!
Bill Speri- Tournament Director – 919-824-6767

Brooke Bryand will be assisting with the In-Kind Sponsors this year and “taking it over” in
Kevin Hampton will be leading the Restaurant Sponsorship with assistance from Erin
Stanley and AP Blake in 2022

Growler 2022 kick off letter!

Can’t wait to get back at it in 2022 as we continue to support St Baldricks and the fight against Childhood Cancer.

Just to close out 2021… we set a record with $130,261 raised. We are the 2nd largest SB event in NC and 12th largest event in the US.  We’ve raised over $700,000 overall from past year campaigns.  The amount raised in 2021 was truly an amazing feat given the challenges presented by Covid. .  We also supported 2 local families in the fight against cancer.  The Volleyball is great, but I hope you all feel a sense of accomplishment in what this event has become beyond those amazingly enjoyable Tuesday nights.

With that in mind, GROWLeadERship has started looking at the event itself and ways we can continue to grow.  The major bottle neck has been the number of teams given the limiting factors of time and space.  Mark Williams and I have put our heads together and come up with a way to add 4 more teams in 2022.  These teams will be allocated to Springdale, Greystone, and Lake Park and also 1 more to the highest bidder from the member pools that do not directly host one of the Growler event.  Crabtree (Senior Growler host) was a consideration for the 4th automatic team “source”, but stated in the past they are content with their number of teams.  So, that allows for one extra team to be made available to all non-host pools (and we might even consider a new pool if one were to be interested).  Each pool will hold an auction among their members for the extra spot (GROWLeadERship Team will run the auction for non-host pools).  To the highest bidder goes “Team Captaincy” (NOTE: The minimum will be $1500 (Direct to St Baldricks)).  The plan will be to place 2 of the new teams in C and two teams in D for 2022.  We’ll work with the captains to make this as logical as possible.  For year 1 New teams should be composed 100% of members from the sponsoring pool.  Beyond year 1 they can fall into the same rules governing all the other teams that we clarified last year.

The other major area of concern as we grow is ensuring we have the manpower required to pull off the event.  To that end we have decided to add a 5th variable to the Tournament GPI (Growler Performance Indicator)… Volunteer Hours.
See below for difference btwn 2021 and 2022:

2021– 79% of points were driven off how good you are (Div, W/L, and Pt Diff)  and 21% on Money Raised
2022 Proposed – 65% of points were driven off how good you are (Div, W/L, and Pt Diff)  and 17% on Money Raised and 17% for Volunteering

To see how this might have affected 2021 we pulled the volunteer hours we have on record and plugged them into the new formula.  This is what it would have done to the seeding:

We will capture volunteer hours via the same method used in the past, but in 2022 we will need the teams to ensure they are using the tool to make sure their hours are logged and therefore used in this equation.
The one additional change also displayed in the screen shot above is to award the Top 2 fundraising teams with the #1 and #2 seed (automatically).  We are hoping adding the 2 seed to the mix will get more teams into the fundraising spirit as our “rabbit” #1 team can sometime get too far ahead to drive people to get one of the automatic bids:)

Again, a summary of the changes:

  • Add 4 teams.  Increasing  the # of teams from 32 to 36 (2 additional in Div C and Div D)
  • Add Volunteer Hours as part of the Points metrics for Ranking in Final Championship seed.
  • Top 2 Fundraising teams will get the #1 and #2 seed
  • Championship Night is still a 32 team single elimination format.
    —The bottom 8 ranked teams will have to “Play In” a Monday night match to make the 29-32 seeds of Tues Championship Night.  Water and Beer only that night – 1 hour to complete

Other Discussion Points that we’ll be sure to focus on in 2022:

  • Revise the Raffle
  • Formalize Sponsorship package (to include T-shirts and Admission Bands included)
  • New Shirt Manufacturer?
  • More speakers at the event
  • Female Growler?
  • Take a look at Admission and Registration costs ($80) as well as Team Donation Minimums ($1500)

Collectively we feel the train continues to run smoothly and we’ll be looking to just tweak a few things from years past.  Our goal is to continue to grow the event year over year and provide for St Baldricks.


Bill Speri
Tournament Director

Championship Night Details

It All Comes Down to Tuesday night’s Championship Finale.  

This night will be special.

We have already exceeded last year’s St Baldrick’s fund raising efforts with over $50K on the SB site and at least $16K in event profits ($66K total).  Awesome job.  We have now raised over a quarter million for children’s cancer research.  If we exceed $77K this year, we will earn the #5 highest SB fund raising event in North Carolina.
Sand Diggers Raise the most money for St Baldrick’s and have picked the #2 Seed to play in the Championship bracket.  The Schedule has been updated   http://growlervolleyball.com/2017-schedule-and-standings/     Games Start at 5:30 Tuesday  Be sure to check the schedule so you know what time and court you play.  Please report  to your court at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time and let’s stay ahead of schedule. 
Shave Schedule-  We will start Shaves at 6 PM.  Please sign up if you are Shaving.  Be sure to check your game schedule for timing of your have.   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AQEaM7lwwcGTF7CcuWUe7nXe629xOOAjlIVfzidIQ_8/edit#gid=1466623429

Volunteer-  We only have a few people signed up to work Tuesday and need help in several areas.  We expect everyone to do their part to pitch in and help.     Please sign up.  https://growlervolleyball.com/volunteer/

Parking-  Please Only Park in Recommended Parking Areas.  We STRONGLY discourage parking within 150′ of any stores next door.  You can park behind Food Lion or  we have approval to park at Little Pro Academy  just a couple blocks away and less than a 5 min walk..  Check the Map for other preferred areas>>>   http://growlervolleyball.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Growler-Parking-updated-2016.pdf

Slushies and Gatorade for Sawyer-  The Growler is honoring Sawyer Powell. Since his was diagnosed with a brain tumor, he has had four surgeries, three rounds of radiation, immunotherapy treatment, and hyperbaric oxygen treatment. We will be out selling slushies and Gatorade. You can also visit this site sexybeth1248. Please bring some extra cash to support his family.  Raleigh Brawl, Sand Diggers, PepsiCo and Growler have been supporting them each night and will provide them funds to help support their numerous medical expenses.
Raffle-  We have lots of Great Raffle Prizes-  $5/ ticket or 5 for $20.   We will be selling these at the gate when you walk in.  You can make checks to St Baldrick’s Foundation. 

Sponsors-  Please visit some of our sponsors tents and tables.  Some are doing drawings throughout the night.  Go online now to win a “BIG GREEN EGG” grill package from Campbell Orthodontics.    http://growlervolleyball.com/?p=2659

Growler Gear- We’ve printed additional long sleeve shirts and XL and XXL short sleeve shirts.  Come by the “Growler Gear” tent early to get yours before they run out.   We also have a $ 5 OFF Clearance special  on KID size shirts and Hats ..   Cash, checks or credit cards accepted 
“Show us your UBER”  contest-  Show us your Uber/Lyft at the admissions table and you will be entered to win one of two set of 4 tickets to the Carolina Hurricanes AND get your ride there and back paid for! Sponsored by Cristine Allison, Fonville Morisey/Drum Team Realtors. 

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS–  Admission is  $15 -ages 21 +(Beer and food included), $10 -age 14-20, $5 for kids 13 and under.  Cash, Checks, and CREDIT CARDS accepted.  

2017 10th Annual Growler Preview

Less than 3 Months Until Growler
Tuesday Nights Aug 1- 22nd.

It’s Beach Volleyball season again which means that Growler is just around the corner.  The GROWLEadeRship team has been at work to plan some new and exciting twist for our upcoming 10th Annual event, but for the most part the format and schedule will remain the same as last year.
Here is a preview of New things to look for:
-Gonza Food Truck to join us Opening Night along with PF Changs and Lynnwood Grill
-Parking Spots and VIP Gazebo w/ keg and food to be auctioned off for Opening and Final nights  (more info to come)
-“Show Us Your UBER” Promotion with drawing to win Prizes each night and have your UBER paid for. (more info to come)
-Second Beer area at Mizfit tent on Opening and Final Nights

Pre-Registration Deadline for Captains-  June 1st
Register yourself on the St Baldrick’s Site and Create your Team.  https://www.stbaldricks.org/events/GrowlerVolleyball2017     Air Vector’s Lawerence Lee already has a jump on you.

St Baldrick’s Registration–  Start your campaigns now.  Register yourself and donate today.  If your team is not set up yet you can link to the team later.  If you can get a corporate match, it may take 3-4 months for that money to reach your St Baldricks page, so jump on it now.

Sponsors-  If you have someone new in mind for a Growler Sponsor, please send them the link to our Sponsor page. http://growlervolleyball.com/2017-sponsors/  There is a flyer and cover letter that you can use.  Feel free to edit the text to make your own.  If you get someone interested and need our Sponsorship team to follow up, please let us know.  We’ll be glad to answer questions and close the deal.  Sponsor donations will count towards your team’s totals.

T-shirt  –  Here is a peak at this year’s design

Registration this year is $60.   It’s still a heck of a deal for 4 nights of food, drink and a t-shirt..

GROWLEadeRship TEAM-  If you want to be more involved and take on a leadership role, please let me know.

Looking forward to seeing you on the beach!

Mark Williams

Countdown to Growler

We are less than 2 months from Growler…

and off to a good start on the St Baldrick’s website.  We have 30 teams registered and over $1600 in donations.  Go ahead and start your fundraising campaigns now.  Feel free to recruit family and friends to help you raise money.  Recruit as many as you want on your St Baldrick’s Team page.  Don’t forget about corporate match contributions.  Get registered and join a SB team today.   https://www.stbaldricks.org/events/GrowlerVolleyball2016

We’ve been working hard to secure sponsors for this year.  Our deadline isJuly 9th to release sponsor logos for the t-shirt and banner graphic designers.  So we have one month to finalize sponsorships.  The Cash sponsors you secure will count towards your team’s earnings.
We are still in search of a WINE Sponsor and can always use more Restaurants.   There is more information on the GrowlerVolleyball.com website about sponsorships.   http://growlervolleyball.com/2016-sponsors/   If you help us get our foot in the door, let Bill Speri or myself know if you have questions or help.

NEW TEAM-  Who will it be?  We have one open slot for a new team to join the Growler family.  If you’ve heard someone in the past mention that they want to enter a team, then now is their opportunity.  We will accept bids from other clubs outside the 7 we have.  The Selection process is posted on GrowlerVolleyball.com.  I’ll be out of town next weekend, so I’m postponing the Selection deadline and meeting to Tuesday June14th. 7PM SARC pavilion.  You may also be interested in aboutsexporn.com. So that is just a little over One Week from now for New Teams to determine their pledge and enter their Sealed Bid.   More information >     http://growlervolleyball.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/2016-Growler-Registration-Guidelinestentative1.pdf

We will have a NEW Craft Brew Night on Week 3–  For you Homebrewers out there, you have 2 months to brew a batch to share and show off.

T-shirt- Help me decide-  I’m working with Progressive Graphics for a new creative design this year.   I think you’ll like it.  This year, we’re going for a Surfer style Beach shirt and will be going back to the 100% cotton Beefy Tee fabric.  It will be a Rad bold design and on beachy color shirts.     There are 5 shirt colors I’m considering.  Please take this pole to help me narrow the choices to 3.  Rank the 5 colors from 1 to 5 with #1 being your favorite.
PICK A COLOR Poll  >>>  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SYMN2LP

Dates to remember
June 14th Tues. 7PM– New Team Selection Meeting
July 9th–  Deadline to turn in Sponsor logos
July 9th–  Deadline for Team Registration/ Shirt Order forms
July 30th–  Saturday Set Up and Kick Off party
Aug 1st-  Monday 7 PM-  Captains Meeting and Bag Stuffing

Aug 2ndTuesday  OPENING NIGHT OF GROWLER with the Hummers Band
Aug 9thTuesday  Sponsor Tournament (at SARC)
Aug 16thTuesday  Craft Brew Night (for Home brewers and Local Breweries)
Aug 23rdTuesday  Championship Night and SB Head Shaving

Aug 27th–  Saturday–  Breakdown Sat with Pizza and beer.
TBD-  Appreciation Party for Sponsors, Winning Teams, MVP Volunteers, and Individuals that raised over $250,.

See ya on the Beach,
Mark Williams
Beam Reach Event Marketing LLC


2016 Growler News and Important Dates

OPEN NEW TEAM SLOT –  The sponsor team from past years will not be a part of the 4 week schedule this year.  However, We are expanding our  “Sponsor Tournament” on week 2 of the Growler, Aug 9th.   We feel that a One Night Event to celebrate our sponsors will be more feasible for them to promote as a company outing for their staff.   This will create an OPEN team slot and an opportunity to expand teams from one of our clubs or bring a NEW Club into our tournament.  Spread the NEWS.
Existing Growler Team Pre-Registration– June 4th Deadline-  Captain’s confirm team to Mark W and Create Team Site on St. Baldrick’s Site.   https://www.stbaldricks.org/events/GrowlerVolleyball2016
  Failing to meet this deadline will open your slot up for New Teams.
NEW TEAMS–  Good Faith Bids must be submitted up until Sunday June 12th-   For more details on the New Team Selection Process > 2016 Growler Registration Guidelines(tentative)
Make your Donations NOW.  If you can receive corporate match contributions, it normally takes several months for employers to process charitable matching funds.  Register yourself on the St Baldricks site now to make a donation to increase the chance that your match will be made by August.   You can join your St. Baldrick’s team page at a later date if it hasn’t been set up yet.  https://www.stbaldricks.org/events/GrowlerVolleyball2016
Team Registration/ T-shirt Order– July 9th

Growler Sat. Set Up and Kick Off Party–  Sat July 30th.

Captain’s Meeting, Registration and Bag Stuffing-  Monday Aug 1st
Growler Opening Night–  Tues Aug 2nd
(same 4 week format- All Tues nights Aug 2nd -23rd)