2016 – Harrison McKinion

Harrison was first diagnosed with leukemia on Dec 9, 2011. Finished treatment April 1, 2015.

Relapsed on June 28, 2016. Round Two of fighting cancer.  At the Growler last year Harrison was
in a hospital room in Chapel Hill and Blakely face-timed in shave night to Harrison.  The next year
was a battle as Harrison fought not only the cancer but the drugs that were supposed to help him.

Fast forward to this year.  Harrison spent the better part of a month from early July to Early August
at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  He was chosen for a clinical trial for T-Cell immunotherapy.  They
removed Harrison’s T-cells and made them multiply billions of times over.  Then they
reprogrammed those T-cells to attack and kill his particular cancer and put them back in to his
body where they will live as the guard against cancer.

Just last week Harrison returned to 10 th  grade with his classmates.  The first time since 4 th  grade
that he has gone to school without chemo in his body.