2023- Sara Beth B.

Sara Beth was diagnosed at 4 months old. She has a low-grade glioma located on her hypothalamus. We first realized something was going on when her eye crossed in and our ophthalmologist requested an MRI. We had no idea that on October 25th, 2019, our lives would change forever. Her first year of chemo treatment shrank her tumor by more than half, but also caused her to lose both her hair and her hearing. Although her hair has grown back, she now permanently wears hearing aids. Her other treatments have kept the tumor somewhat stable, but it has started to grow through those treatments. We are now on a clinical trial drug and hoping that will be our saving grace. The side effects we are dealing with are extreme skin issues including limiting all time in the sun, skin rashes, and (this is a new one!) white hair instead of no hair. She is a strong, sassy, warrior princess who will win the heart of anyone she spends time with! Her big brother, her dad, and I are her biggest fans and all of us are so grateful for the time we get to spend with her.