About the Growler

The Story of Growler! 

The Growler Cup represents man’s ability to overcome their own physical weakness brought on by age, overindulgence and years of neglect to win a contest that does not really require that much physical or mental ability.
If it were possible to wrap the Stanley Cup with a Green Jacket from the Master and fuse it together with the Vince Lombardi Trophy and melt a Noble Peace Prize to the mass it would have the likeness and prestige of The Growler Cup.
In 2008 after many beers and a contest “who’s taller” landed a crushing defeat for Mark Williams, Chris Bunting then challenged Mark to a game of Volley Ball. Not just… any game; a match between mediocre private swim clubs. Clubs with the type of exclusivity that require the ability to write a check and a promise to at least try to keep your clothes on.  Mark and Chris wanted to create a trophy that would stand the test of time. They wanted to encompass glass; a technology perfected by the Romans the producers of gladiators and Beer invented by the Egyptians the builder of pyramids. After many sleepless nights The Growler Cup was formed. It is come to be the Mount Everest of co-ed neighborhood beach volley ball trophies in greater North Raleigh area. For most the Growler Cup will be the last award they will ever win in their lifetime.
The Growler Cup; truly there is no other trophy like it!
– Rob Caulfield