2021- Gavin DiLorenzo

Gavin is a 9 year old funny, chatty, caring boy who was diagnosed at 8
years old with Stage 4 Diffuse B-Cell Lymphoma/Leukemia. We began our
journey seeking a diagnosis in July of 2020 when we realized something
was wrong and he became more ill. It was approximately six weeks of
seeing multiple physicians and wrong diagnoses, and as his health
continued to decline he was ultimately admitted to the hospital.
After approximately one week into his hospitalization there was a
turning point when his medical team realized his level of care needed
to be escalated, and the Oncology team assumed care. Gavin completed
multiple surgeries, six rounds of chemotherapy including intrathecal
chemotherapy, when he achieved remission. Each round of chemotherapy
was quite aggressive, requiring inpatient treatment, thus Gavin spent
the majority of his time since August in the hospital. He is followed
closely by his Oncologist, and continues on the path of recovery. He
continues to love spending time with his family, friends, and watching
the Carolina Hurricanes. He hopes to be a future goalie!

The DiLorenzo Family