Volleyball Rotation for the Growler

One of the potential issues that caused a little bit of confusion last year is proper rotation.  We want to clear up the confusion as much as possible in order  to keep it simple and keep the game moving quickly. We also want to  prevent an illegal substitution at a critical point of play.  Below is a diagram of the two acceptable ways to rotate.

The first is the standard volleyball way to rotate (as shown with yellow dots).  You rotate in at the server position and keep the same order of players consistently.  Once you start in that order you have to keep that same order throughout the entire match.  You also cannot switch to two rotating spots mid-game.

The second way to rotate (orange dots) is to keep the players from sitting through 3 – 5 rotation spots in a row if you have 8 – 10 players. You can rotate in at two spots as long as you follow the same pattern at all times and you cannot switch back to one rotation spot until the next match.