How to participate in Raising Money for Charity

I’ve had a few questions on how to participate with our goal of helping the children.

First here is our event.  Toward the bottom of the page you will see teams and participants.  Usually its best to click on show all teams and find the team you would like to support.  If you team is not on there, you will want to start the team or talk to your team captain to see if they want to start the team.  Once your team is listed, click on the team name and you can either click the “Join Us”  button which will make you a participate on that team or you can donate to that team directly.  If you are unsure on if you are doing it correct, I suggest doing a sample 5 dollar amount to make sure everything does what you think it would.  Then go back and give more.  Thanks.

Buy your 5th seed on playoff night

One of the goals each year is to raise more money then the previous year. In order to come close to achieving that goal, this year we will be implementing a new wrinkle. This year the team that raises the most money (must be before final night so brackets can be finalized) has the option to elect to take 5th seed in the playoffs thus having a first round bye and only having to play 4 games to win. If they would have been the 25th seed team and they raised the most on the website, they will be the 5th seeded team and everyone else will be pushed down one spot.  Also, if the team that raised the most money finishes in the top 4 seeds they have the option to take any seed 1 – 4.

First Night Mulligans

Opening night only: Have your team bring a couple of 5 dollar bills each as you will be able to purchase mulligans (a do-over) on your serves only.   We will have containers attached to the poles on each court. If your serve goes out or doesn’t make it in the net, quickly put a 5 dollar bill in the container and serve again. 5 dollars washes away your serving mistakes. If you want to arrange with other team in advance and just drop a 20 into the jar and prepay for four serving mistakes great.  No refunds and only for that games’ mistakes. Speed is still of the essence but we want your money for St Baldric’s.

North Raleigh – Growler Champions

Here is your 2011 Growler Volleyball Champions, representing North Raleigh Swim Club

2011 Growler Pictures – Night 1

Here you go!

Grass Nets are up!

Tomorrow  is the big day.  Extra nets are up.  Don’t forget to bring socks and sneakers.  You are not going to want to play barefoot.  Also, in case of in clement weather there are some nice tents up.

2010 Important Dates


  • Captain’s Meeting-  Wednesday July 27th at 7:30 –  at Springdale.  We’ll cover rules, what’s expected for registration, and info about St Baldricks.
  •  Tues Aug 2- Growler Opening Night- All teams at Springdale 4 courts w/ 2 set up on soccer field.   Food Provided by PF Changs.  Registration Fee will be $25..  Pay your team captain.. Money due at registration on Aug 2nd.
  • Tues Aug 9- Night 2- Teams split up and play at Springdale, Lake Park, and Crabtree.  Food Provided by Carolina Ale House, Falls of the Neuse Rd.
  • Tues Aug 16- Night 3- Teams split up and play at Springdale, Lake Park, and Greystone.  Food Provided by Carolina Ale House, Falls of the Neuse Rd.
  • Tues Aug 23-  Growler Championship Party- at Springdale.  Top 8 teams compete for Growler Cup.  St. Baldrick’s Head Shaving Finale!  Food Provided by PF Changs.

Attacking the Serve – Clarification for the Growler

One of the minimal rules that will be enforced is attacking the serve.  Throughout all levels from high school to professional,  you cannot block or attack the serve while standing in first 10 feet from the net on the court.  So any player standing within 10 feet of the net cannot send the ball back over on the first shot through an  attacking or blocking motion. If they do this, the play will be considered dead and a point awarded to the serving team.

How do you clarify “attacking” or “blocking” the serve for the growler?  The easiest way we can come up with is if you leave your feet to hit the ball.  As long as you don’t leave your feet, a front row player may pass the ball back over the net.

Volleyball Rotation for the Growler

One of the potential issues that caused a little bit of confusion last year is proper rotation.  We want to clear up the confusion as much as possible in order  to keep it simple and keep the game moving quickly. We also want to  prevent an illegal substitution at a critical point of play.  Below is a diagram of the two acceptable ways to rotate.

The first is the standard volleyball way to rotate (as shown with yellow dots).  You rotate in at the server position and keep the same order of players consistently.  Once you start in that order you have to keep that same order throughout the entire match.  You also cannot switch to two rotating spots mid-game.

The second way to rotate (orange dots) is to keep the players from sitting through 3 – 5 rotation spots in a row if you have 8 – 10 players. You can rotate in at two spots as long as you follow the same pattern at all times and you cannot switch back to one rotation spot until the next match.

Opening Night Directions

Unsure of where you need to go?  Opening night, August 2 2011, all teams will compete at Springdale Pool.  Click on the map below to get directions.  Click on the Schedule page to find out what time you will need to be there.  Parking may be limited. Overflow parking will be in the soccer field and the Food Lion parking lot. Bring a chair and shade tent. There should be plenty of room for tents to set up in the soccer field.

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