Preparing for the FINAL Night

Here it is..  Seedings and Schedule for Next Tuesday Night’s Championship Finally!

There are several rematches from earlier games and some new interesting match ups..  This is how the chips fell.  The format and schedule was presented weeks ago, so sorry if you don’t like where you landed, your bracket, courts, or time you start.
You have no idea how complex this was to figure out..  20 out of 25 teams were in tie break situations with most determined by 2nd Tie Break- Point Differential of all games played.  Fortunately my programming skills allowed me to write a script to quickly calculate these pairings… (By the way, that was a plug for my Automated Office Apps business…  Since after next week, I’ll be looking to pick up some new projects for paid work.  Check or connect with me LinkedIn to learn more about how I can benefit your business.)
St Baldricks-  I’m so proud of how the fund raising is taking off.  We’re now up to $4400 in individual fund raising campaigns..  Chip Hopkins ($1,360) and  Gregg Klofenstine ($1,050) are blowing it out…   Start your campaign today….    or Support someone today with a Donation….  You will earn tickets for the raffle for money you donate now.
Raffle-    Tickets will be $5 each OR 5 for $20….  We will be selling them next Tues night and Checks to St Baldricks will be accepted.
….OR if you bring a printed receipt confirmation from the St Baldricks website of your donation to someone from the Growler, we’ll exchange it for raffle tickets.  (Individual contributors Must be present to participate)
We could still use more Raffle prizes.  Let me know if you can help..

Invite your Friends Next Tuesday night…  Our Donations for food have been outstanding this year and will boost the final check that we can write to St. Baldricks.
I also have some shirts to sell.   Each of these things will go to the bottom line for St Baldricks Donations.

Volunteers..  We will need lots of help next Tuesday.. Please sign up to help Tues afternoon and evening.  We can use player and non-player volunteers.

See you at Springdale Beach next Tuesday.  Games start at 5:30.