Growler Wrap Up

Outstanding night !!!

Congratulations Springdale Volleywood- 2012 Growler Champions
Great effort by LKP- Will Play for Sets in the final game and
both LKP- Bumping Uglies and NR- The Strikers for pulling upsets to get into the Final Four.

Results from last night have been posted on

Incredible Generosity for St Baldrick’s..  We’re currently over $10,000 in online donations, over $600 in checks for St. Baldricks and over $2000 raised by the raffle, food and t-shirt sales…   It will take me a few weeks to settle up on my expenses, but we should be somewhere around $13,000 in total earnings for St. Baldricks..  More than tripling last years donation.  Thanks to all our sponsors for making our event successful.

A special thanks to Ted Dwyer from Lynnwood Grill who kicked in $1000 yesterday.

Thanks also to everyone that went online and reached out to family and friends to raise money.  Here are their current totals.

Name                    Team Name      Amount Raised online Money Onsite   Total Team Total
Gregg Klofenstine   LPK Cue Balls          $2,443                            $20                 $2,463         $2,968
John Allen                LPK Cue Balls            $370                              $20                 $390
Kenneth Muller        LPK Cue Balls          $105                                                      $105
Chip Hopkins           Seven Oaks           $2,340                               $50                 $2,390          $2,390
Gary Caiola             Volleywood             $1,291                               $35                 $1,326           $2,651
Jason Grieco           Volleywood              $905                                                         $905
Robert R.                 Volleywood             $415                               $100                   $515
Hunter Reese           Greystone              $140                                $70                   $210
Caroline M.                                                $119                                $66                   $185
Griffin Krise                                                 $45                               $45