Opening Night- This Tuesday

Some Highlights—-

Volunteers-  We need lots of help before and during each event.  Please go to our sign up sheet:
You will find a tab for every night.. Please sign up for each night you can work..  Please share this info for others that may not play volleyball but willing to volunteer their time.
—- I’m also looking for a few Volunteer Coordinators that will take on a leadership role to make sure that stations are manned during the events..    Let me know if you are willing to step up.
Just Show Up–
    This Sat. morning at 9:30–  Set up tents, grass court nets, banners, rake out sand etc… Many hands make light work.  Hot Dogs and beer served at lunchtime.
     Bag Stuffing Party-  Monday 6:30 PM-  Pizza and beer served.
     Any Tuesday afternoon for the next 4 weeks-  You have my permission to play hooky from work.
The Schedule-   You can find the Schedule on the Growler website.
Please know when and where you  play.  Every team will have 3 games on Tuesday.  Be prepared to play as soon as the teams before you finish their match, even if they are running ahead of schedule.  One game will be on grass, so you may want to bring shoes.
A list of Teams have also been posted to the website.
Registration-  Only your Team Captain will need to check in at the Registration table.  They will get all of your team’s registration bags.
St Baldrick’s-  If your team doesn’t have a team set up on the St Baldrick’s site, please set one up..  The team that raises the most money will get their pick on ANY Seed on the final Night Championship.   The team will also receive a Brewery tour TBD.
We are off to a good start.  There are currently 8 teams signed up with over $1000 of donations.
Mulligan’s for St Baldrick’s (1st night only)-  Bring some extra money with you on Opening Night.  You can buy Mulligan tickets ($5 each) for your Serve. You can also use sex webcam free.  There will be a collection jar taped to each court’s net/pole.  Your allowed to take as many mulligans on your serve as you are willing to pay for to get the ball in play.   Game Point Mulligans will be 2 tickets or $10.  You can use tickets or cash.
Our Sponsors-  We have most of our sponsors back from last year, plus 8 new ones.  We have a total of 32 corporate sponsors.  They are the key to making the Growler a huge success.   Please take the time to thank and patronize these businesses.
Beer Bracelets….  Will be required to receive food and beer.  Your captain will be responsible for getting you your beer bracelet at the beginning of each night.  Those under 21 will receive a green St Baldricks bracelet which allows you to food and water.
The Bud Light Draft caddie will be onsite serving Bud, Bud Light, Kona Longboard Lager, Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale, Kona Wailua Summer Ale.   And what is a trip to Springdale Beach without some Malibu Rum drinks.
Pernod-Ricard distributor (Malibu) is supplying us with bartenders to serve drinks..  Please drink responsibly.
Food for Opening Night-  PF Changs and Lynnwood Grill will be catering our Opening Night and Championship night festivities.
We have a great food lineup for Weeks 2 and 3.  Those nights will be sponsored by:  Carolina Ale House, Leesville Tap Room, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Casa Carbone, Gonza Taco Y Tequila.
Chips and Salsa will be provided all 4 nights from Frito Lay.
Water will be provided all 4 nights from Whole Foods.
INVITE YOUR FRIENDS-  Admission tickets will be $10 for adults (beer and food included) and $6 for those under 21 (bottled water and food included).
I look forward to seeing everyone out at Springdale Beach this Tuesday and for another exciting Growler year.