How Much To Give- A post from Melissa Markham

I used to sit in front of a mirrors for 30 minutes, sometimes an hour fixing my hair. I loved it. I would spend hundreds of dollars a year cutting it, straightening it, and coloring it.

Since telling people that I would be shaving my head to raise money for childhood cancer research I have been called brave. Ha! After sitting in the pediatric cancer clinic week after week, watching a clinic full of kids get chemo, and being on the 5th floor for weeks at the time, and sitting in the recovery room waiting for my child to wake up from anesthesia every day for 27 treatments of radiation at UNC-Hospitals I have had the pleasure of meetiing brave and courageous people, and hair ain’t got noting to do with it. It’s all heart.

So I ask you today to have a heart for all these little warriors. If the action of me shaving my head inspires you in any way, please reach in your wallet or purse and make a donation this organization.

If you don’t know how much to donate, how about $27.00 for the 27 radiation my little warrior received. Or how about $55.00 for the 55 weeks of chemo, blood, and platelets. Or how about $100 for the 100 nights we had to spend in or around the hospital getting the chemo. I donated $182 to represent all these figures.

Please share this post in an effort to raise money for a worthy cause. Hair grows back, Kids don’t.

Melissa Markham