NEW for 2014

Plans are underway for an even larger Growler format this year.  We will cap out with a 32 team format without giving up the number of games each team plays.   32 teams allows an even 8 flights of  4 teams each.   The schedule will be similar to years past.  One interesting twist with the seedings, is that we will schedule the top 8 teams to be in 2 of the flights.  This means that they will play a round robin of each other in a more competitive bracket.   The other 24 teams will play no more than 2 of their 11 games against the A bracket.  There will be incentives for the A team Bracket.   They will be guaranteed a top 9 seeding the final night and they will not have to play on grass the first night.

The opening night will be moved to WEDNESDAY this year, due to scheduling conflicts with the TSA swim team schedule and school start dates.  The other 3 nights will be Tuesday nights as usual.

We hope to top our earnings of $20,000 for St. Baldrick’s this year.  Start soliciting donations.  Also check with your employer to see if they will match contributions.  Our 2014 St Baldricks site will be up soon.

Start forming your teams now and get out on the volleyball courts.

Look forward to another great GROWLER.

Mark Williams
Growler Tournament Director