Rob’s Blog- 7/25/14

Rob’s Blog….

It was August 2008 and I had left my 3 young children and adoring wife to attend something called The Growler that was the idea of one of Springdale’s little regarded member’s Mark Williams and one of his few friends.  I remember thinking at the time that I would go and play a couple of games and maybe have a beer and then go straight home from the event which I was sure would be lame.  At the time I was doing some volunteer work for the McCain/Palin ticket and I was really looking forward to listening to all the wisdom that Sarah Palin was going to be able to impart upon the American people over the next 8 years and I was appreciative that I would never have to hear the name Hillary Clinton again.

Obviously I am not very good at predicting the future. (I’ve put entire companies out of business by investing in them) but who could have known how big The Growler would become?  I believe that it would be easy to argue that The Growler is the single greatest thing to happen to Raleigh if not the world since 2008.  It’s almost as if Mark Williams is trying to overcompensate for something.   For those who have never played in the Growler before hold on to your freakin hats and get ready for 4 weeks of inebriated volleyball mediocrity.  The Growler has done more to sell Advil and kill office production on Wednesdays than any other event in Raleigh history.   This year will be the biggest ever with 32 teams, 7 clubs, 2 bands and who know how many kegs.  I realize that most people attend to see me with my shirt off and find out whether “clean cut” or “street person” Gary Caiola will show up but those other things should make for a fun event as well.  It’s the only 4 days of the that your kids have to watch you compete.

An event of this magnitude does not occur without the help of many people.  As with most events a few people do the work for the masses.  If you have time and even if you don’t have time perhaps you could help with the event:

Sat. 7/26 Starts at 9 AM – until the work is done….at Springdale.   We have lots to do: tents, lights, set up nets and boundary lines, rake sand, build stage, backstop nets, get water, put up banners, etc.  Lunch, water and beer will be provided.
Player Bag Stuffing- Monday 7/28  7:30 at Springdale-   beer and water provided (sorry no pizza this year)
Game Day Set Up-  Wed 7/30– Come out any time after 1 PM.- Sign up
You can sign up here:

In advance I would like to thank all those who make my Tuesday evenings in August as unmemorable as possible and for God’s sake bring The Growler Trophy back to Springdale where it belongs!


Rob Caulfield “Master of none”