The plan derived by the GROWLeadERship team to create 4 new teams for the 2022 Growler. 

The decision to expand from 32 teams to 36 was the direct result of feedback from the various participating pools about the desire to include more people in the event.  The below approach was discussed multiple times among the leadership team and was considered the best approach that provided the most benefit given the time and space limitations that we do face.  If anyone has any questions or concerns please contact Bill Speri (… otherwise, here we go 🙂

  • The Growler will be adding 4 more teams in 2022
  • The 4 teams will be created via the following means:
    • 1 For each of the “Host Pools” (Springdale, Lake Park, and Greystone)
    • 1 From either..
      • one of the other area pools involved in the event (the desired result 🙂 ) OR a New Swim Club OR
      • the 2nd highest bidder from SARC, Lake Park, or Greystone if that bid exceeds the top bid from the non-Host pools.
  • Minimum Bid/Donation to secure a team is $1500 – The deadline will be June 1st to submit your “bids”.  By the end of that day each of the selected Teams will need to create their St Baldrick’s Page and have the $1500 donated on the page.
  • Greystone and Lake Park will run their separate process (however they set fit) to define their teams.
  • SARC will run the Springdale team creation and facilitate the selection of the “fourth” team.  At SARC…Scott Carboni ( will be the recipient of the “blind bids”.  Any potential new team Captain from anywhere but Lake Park and Greystone should send an email to Scott with their team name and “blind bid” amount.  On June 1st at 8am, Scott will inform the GROWLeadERship team who earned the SARC bid and who the Next top bid is for the potential 4th spot.  That bid will then be compared with the information from Lake Park and Greystone (top 2 bid amounts) to award the 4th team.
    • Example Scenarios to help color in the picture:
      • If the top 2 overall bids are from Harrington Grove, then Harrington Grove would get one new team. The other 3 would come from SARC, Lake Park, and Greystone.
      • If the 4th highest bidder comes from SARC, then SARC would get 2 new teams.
      • If the 4th highest bid is from Lake Park, then Lake Park would get 2 new teams.
      • If one of the top 4 bids is from Seven Oaks, then Seven Oaks would get 1 new team and the other 3 would come from SARC, Lake Park, and Greystone.
  • As stated before…
    • In Year 1 the members of the new teams need to be comprised 100% of members from the bid winning pool.  After Year 1, the new teams will function just like the “original 32” in terms of team composition.
    • The 4 new teams are slated to join the C and D divisions in Year 1 unless it clear from conversation with the Captain of the new teams that a different designation is warranted.  “Neutral party” Mark Williams will care for that determination.
    • The expectation is for the 4 new teams to “raise” $1500 just like all of the pre-existing teams (beyond the initial Bid made on June 1st).  Bid amount is only required to obtain the team in Year 1.

Please forward this email to anyone you feel might be interested in forming a new team… assuming they are not already on the Growler distro.  Again, we are looking forward to expanding our footprint and getting more people involved in both the Volleyball event but also expanding the number of people involved in raising money for St Baldrick’s.

Thanks in advance for your attention to this long and detail oriented email 🙂

Bill Speri
Growler Tournament Director