Check out the 2012 Bracketology and Schedule

The Bracketology has been worked out for a 25 team bracket.

Night 1- All teams at Springdale on 5 courts (2 grass courts and 1 semi-sand court- No lights)- 3 games for each team

Nights 2 and 3-  Teams split up into 4 locations- Springdale, Lake Park, Crabtree, and Greystone.-  4 games for each team

Night 4 – Top 19 teams compete for Single Elimination Championship- At Springdale…  teams 14-19 will have a play in game to met up with the top 3 seads.
Battle of the Bottom Game for team 24 and 25.   Teams 20 – 23 don’t play, but get to party..

Check out the Rubics-Suduku-Algorithm Matrix for more details
2012 25 team brackets and schedule


Complete Schedule will be available in a few weeks.