Shirts and Banners are being Printed Today

Check out the Media Page to get a sneak peak at this year’s T-shirt design.

I think you’ll like it

Media Page

The Schedule is OUT.

For complete Schedule—-

2012 25 team brackets and schedule

7-17 Growler Update

We have a new Beer Distributor Sponsor-  RA Jeffreys (Budweiser) –  They represent Kona Longboard Lager and Starr Hill Brewery, so you’ll see a nice variety out for this year’s Growler.
We have several new sponsors this year.  Please check out our Sponsor page and support our sponsors.
Here is a sneak peak of the T-shirt design   I’m printing plenty of extras, so find the t-shirt table at registration to pick up additional shirts for family and friends.  $10 each for extra shirts.
Thanks to the captains for getting me your Pre-registration forms.  Looks like we may only have 24 teams.  We’ve had one Springdale team morph into our other teams.  If you know of another team wanting to get in, please let me know this week..  I have the brackets worked out for either 24 or 25 teams.   Here is a list of Teams.. ‎   Love the team names.
Players-  Be sure to pay your captain your $30 registration before opening night.  They are responsible for paying us ONE check to Springdale Recreation Club.  $30 gets you a t-shirt plus food, beverages, & bottled water for 4 nights.  Also, you will need to sign a liability waiver and give this to your captain to turn in at registration.
Spectators-  Invite all your friends out for this great event.  This year we’re asking for $7 donations from spectators for food and drink with Proceeds going to St Baldricks.  Our first night, we’ll have PF Changs and Lynnwood Grill out catering food.  Sunset Slush will also be out selling slushies for $3 w/ proceeds going back to St Baldricks.

Captains-  Mark your calendar for next Wed night at 7 PM for a captains meeting at Springdale.  Make sure either you or a team member is represented at the meeting.  Volleyball to follow.
Volunteer-  Please use the volunteer sign up sheet to volunteer for Sat Set Up, Bag Stuffing, Opening Day Set up and MORE…

I appreciate everyone’s support.  Let’s make this a great event.

Rob’s Blog- 7-12

Has it been a year already?  It’s seems like only yesterday that I was spouting drunken profanity laced objections at complete strangers as well as close friends at last year’s Growler.  The tournament’s fame has been growing.  I know this because the other day at a local brew pub I overheard someone ask why they named the half gallon refillable glass jugs after a volleyball tournament.

As with all great events they do not happen without the tireless efforts of a few.  In the case of The Growler it is Mark Williams and Rob Rauth and a few others with names that are not as easy to spell or remember.  Without their hard work there is a 37% chance that many of you would be sober on any given Tuesday night in August and have to cook your own dinners.  What has been created here is not just a tournament but an event that just the thought of has helped many get thru the freezing 70 degree days of December and January.

But Mark can’t do it all!  Obviously he can’t reach anything on the higher shelves so he needs your help.  Please volunteer.  If only to help set up, spread sand, collect donations or clean up it’s not fair that we ask a few to do all the work.  Your help is needed and appreciated!  (Except for Carol Dunn’s help which involves an awful lot of talking.  She’s like a Time Vampire)

Thank you in advance and I look forward to witnessing the athleticism and sarcasm that is The Growler.


Rob Caulfield

The Growler

-Building a better community thru volleyball and beer.

Check out the 2012 Bracketology and Schedule

The Bracketology has been worked out for a 25 team bracket.

Night 1- All teams at Springdale on 5 courts (2 grass courts and 1 semi-sand court- No lights)- 3 games for each team

Nights 2 and 3-  Teams split up into 4 locations- Springdale, Lake Park, Crabtree, and Greystone.-  4 games for each team

Night 4 – Top 19 teams compete for Single Elimination Championship- At Springdale…  teams 14-19 will have a play in game to met up with the top 3 seads.
Battle of the Bottom Game for team 24 and 25.   Teams 20 – 23 don’t play, but get to party..

Check out the Rubics-Suduku-Algorithm Matrix for more details
2012 25 team brackets and schedule


Complete Schedule will be available in a few weeks.

Updated Rules

Rules have been updated.  There are very few changes.

Rule #24-  Visiting Team Serves First.   Home Teams will have choice of which side of the court to start.

The other rule changes are to reflect the larger format and New Single elimination bracket for the Championship night.

Please read the Growler rules before Opening Night.

7/6 Update

TEAMS____We have 24 teams confirmed and few more pending.  I’ve had a chance to work on the schedule and brackets.  We’ll need to cap it to 25 teams..  (7 more teams than last year)

Every team will still get to play 3 to 4 games every night.  But we’ll need to add 3 games at 5:30 the first night.  We’re adding a 5th court in our soccer field.  It’ll be a temporary sand court for the month of August..  Thanks to Eastern Turf Maintenance for re-distributing the sand and aerating it into our soccer field when the Growler is over.

Also thanks to Lake Park, Greystone and Crabtree for hosting both nights 2 and 3..  Without these extra courts, we would not be able to make a 25 team bracket work.

TEAM REGISTRATION___   Next Friday, July 13th, will be the deadline for Rosters and T-shirt orders.  I need to get a firm count on what to print up.  This year’s design will be a Margarittaville style design..  Shirt Colors will be Tangerine Orange, blue/teal, Violet/lavender, and White..   I’ll try to get you some color samples by Monday.  Registration form attached.  Registration will be $30 per player this year.  Not a bad deal for 4 nights of food, drink and a t-shirt…. and proceeds go to St. Baldricks.   Money will be collected on Opening night.  One check per team from the team captain, made out to Springdale Area Recreation Club.   Or you can send it earlier to me..  7509 Glenharden Dr, Raleigh, NC 27613

FOOD____  PF Changs and Carolina Ale House will be with us again this year along with 2 new food sponsors, Lynnwood Grill and Sparion.  I may still be looking for subs or pizza…   There should be plenty of food.  I’ll be asking for a $7 donation for food and drink this year.

BEER____ I’m currently in conversations with both Mims (Miller) and Jeffreys (Bud) distributors to work out what they can do for us..  More to come, but expect to see a big trailer caddie for nights 1 and 4.

St Baldricks____Start planning your personal fund raising campaign.  I want to see more shaved heads this year at our Aug 21 finally.  We’ll have incentives for the team and individual that earns the most for St Baldricks..   I would like to see us make over $10,000 this year.

Sponsorship___   I need to get commitments by Monday July 16th to get logos on t-shirts and banners..  If you are working on a corp. sponsor, let me know..   Flier attached.

VOLUNTEERS____  I need help to pull off this enormous event. 

I’ll need help each Tuesday afternoon to set up and pick up food, ice and beer.

We also set up tents and grass courts the Sat before and stuff Registration bags the Mon night before Opening night.

And I’ll need help each night.

Please sign up to help.  Look for the tabs at the bottom of the workbook for each date.

See ya at Springdale Beach on Opening Night..  July 31st

Key Dates for 2012

Mark your Calendar-  Here are some Key Dates you’ll want to mark on your calendar:
Friday 7/13-  Team Registration Deadline- 20 team limit- First come, First Entered
Registration is OPEN NOW!  (Must have team captain and at least a list of 5 players to enter team)
Monday 7/16- Sponsorship Deadline-  Must have artwork to get logos on Shirts and Banners
Wed 7/25- 7 PM- Captain’s Meeting at SARC
Sat 7/28- 10 AM- Set up tents, grass court nets, and hang banners
Mon 7/30- 6 PM- Goodie Bag Stuffing 
Tue 7/31- (noon-5PM)  Set up for Opening Night
         Let the party begin!!

North Raleigh – Growler Champions

Here is your 2011 Growler Volleyball Champions, representing North Raleigh Swim Club

The Orginal Growler Jug is back on the Growler Cup